Air Plants – The Mounting Obsession

These tiny tropical air plants are enjoying their moment in the sun right now. Easy to grow and care for, everyone wants one, or two or three…

Tillandsias or air plants are epiphytes, meaning they grow on the surface of another plant or other object. They attach their roots to an object for support and do not require soil to survive. Instead, they get their moisture and nutrients from the air.

Since they require little care, do not need to be contained in a traditional pot, and can be mounted to just about anything, air plants are making their way into hearts and homes everywhere!

Easy Care

Native to tropical climates, most varieties of air plants like warmth and humidity, but they do need protection from full sun, so we recommend bright filtered light. Also be sure to place air plants in a location where the temperature does not drop below 45 degrees. If your bathroom has natural light, air plants will thrive there to create an inviting tropical oasis.

They love a good misting every few days. If you are forgetful or you have been away for more than 4-5 days, simply run your air plant under the sink to thoroughly soak it and then resume your normally misting schedule in a few days.

Clear The Air!

Air plants are a genus of the Bromeliad family, one of several houseplants shown to play an important role in the removal of indoor air pollutants, or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from indoor environments. Chemicals from everyday things around our home or office such as furniture, copiers and printers, cleaning supplies, paint and even dry-cleaned clothes can release chemicals into the air we breathe, causing short and long-term health effects.



Mounting Obsession

With the coming of winter, now is a great time to explore the wonder of air plants for your health and for fun! There are hundreds of varieties to choose from, and styling them is limited only to the imagination. Once you get started with air plants, you just can’t stop finding new and unique ways to display them.

Air plants will grow in a rock garden, sea shells, a glass terrarium, on driftwood, magnets or just about anywhere you want! Their versatility allows for mounting in unexpected locations or creating theme gardens.

They make great fauna for a fairy theme, but also try a beach theme with shells and sea glass or make a zen garden with a shallow dish, rocks, crystals and a Buddha statue.

For mounting, we recommend Oasis Floral Adhesive.


My Pro Tip:

Give the Gift of Green! Air plants make the top of my Christmas Gift Ideas list for 2017! They are curious, organic, eco-friendly, and perfect for any age, level of experience or lifestyle – from the youngest of thumbs, to retired thumbs and busy, traveling career type thumbs – even those millennial, dorm-dwelling thumbs!

Whether you are choosing an air plant for yourself or someone else, you’ll find a great selection at Studley’s! Visit our greenhouse and we’ll be happy to help you make your selection and offer pro advice.

You can also buy air plants online from our Mail Order site and we’ll ship them fresh from our greenhouse right to your door – local and nationwide. 

See you at Studley’s!

written by Jeffrey Meulenbroek