About David Meulenbroek

David is one of the owners here at Studleys and our Landscaping expert! He is a Certified New Hampshire Landscape Professional.

Growing Up Studley’s | David’s Story

As Studley Flower Gardens celebrates 90 Years in business this year, Vice President and second generation owner of Studley Flower Gardens, David Meulenbroek takes a trip down memory lane and shares his story, reflecting on how 'Growing Up Studley' and life in the family business shaped and prepared him for his role in the [...]

Growing Up Studley’s | David’s Story2018-01-11T17:19:52-05:00

Summer Pro Tips For Watering The Garden

Despite the cooler temps we experienced before Memorial Day, New Englanders know the summer promises periods of sizzling heat! The outlook from NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, predicts a moderate drought season for the Northeast, so watering properly and consistently will be key. So how do we protect the investment we have in our hard-won [...]

Summer Pro Tips For Watering The Garden2018-06-26T12:19:05-05:00