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Fall centerpieces have always been the anchor for autumn interior design, and with a little help from nature you can take things beyond the mums and gourds.

Our design team shows you how to use fresh flowers and arrangements from the florist, along with organic elements that can be found in your back yard (or even the pantry!) for fantastic fall decoration.

We created a vignette around one of our fall centerpieces and designed another arrangement with inspiration found simply by taking a walk around the garden.

This time of year, you might be surprised at all of the accents that nature will provide. We collected everything we thought we could use in a design. Look for tree branches, colorful leaves, birch bark, pine cones, moss, stones, berries, and evergreens. Your gardens just might have one last bounty to offer with cold hardy treasures like some herbs, lambs ear, dried seed heads, rose hips and grasses.

fall elements

We designed this compact, low-profile arrangement especially for the coffee table. Using an old wooden box as our container, we inserted a square plastic liner (Tupperware could work here!) and added a shallow layer of florist foam and sheet moss. You can purchase sheet moss from your florist or gather pieces from the woods. This provides a welcome texture and can help hide the floral foam underneath. Plus it is very long lasting if kept moist, so you could incorporate it into holiday designs too!

Starting with our largest elements first, we began to fill at random with fresh mini carnations, hydrangea blooms, purple sage and rose hips from the garden. We then added seasonal fruit and walnuts as accents.

The result is a very organic inspired display for family and friends to enjoy all season.

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For the dining table, we started with one of our floral fall centerpieces and then surrounded it with accents to extended down the center of the table. This helps to create greater visual impact for your tablescape and provides every guest with a beautiful and interesting view. We arranged crab apple branches, small containers of fresh moss, with votives and more fresh fruit and nuts from the pantry.


When you think about your fall decor, consider the areas where your family and guests will spend the most time and plan to create several vignettes in these areas. The nice thing about nature is that it prefers to be natural, so it is okay if your vignette is perfectly imperfect. Don’t forget primary greeting spaces like the steps, porch, foyer, breezeway or mud room.

My Pro Tip

One unexpected space where I like to keep a small arrangement of fresh flowers is in the guest bath.

For this space, simple and small is best. This arrangement is created using branches, sprigs of berries, fall leaves, fresh flowers and ornamental items. A weekly stop at Studley’s for a few fresh stems of seasonal flowers will serve to keep your vignette, and this space, fresh and inviting.

See you at Studley’s!

Written by Molly Meulenbroek

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