Fall Tree & Shrub Planting

Fall tree & shrub planting is the best time for the gardener and for the plants. Tree and shrub planting requires a little more energy than planting ornamental flowers, so the cooler fall air is kinder to the worker. The cool air combined with warm soil temps also allow new roots to become well-established before the frost arrives.

How To Choose Trees & Shrubs

When selecting your trees and shrubs, pay close attention to height, habit, and spread on the information tag. Once you know the size of the space your tree or shrub needs to grow, consider how the form or growth habit and ornamental attributes fit into your landscape. Trees and shrubs are either evergreen (meaning they remain green throughout the season) or deciduous, where they have a peak period of fruit-bearing, flowering, or colorful foliage. Evergreens are the tidier choice, as deciduous may require more spring and fall clean-up after they lose petals, fruit, or leaves.

Planting Trees & Shrubs

Trees and shrubs can be planted as long as the soil is thawed and workable. The earlier in the fall the better, as lots of watering-in is required during the first few weeks to help those roots establish, so you want to avoid such extremes where the water freezes in the ground around the roots. Always follow the instructions that come with your tree or shrub and don’t hesitate to ask our Garden Center pros for advice.

As you prepare for fall tree & shrub planting, we recommend this instructional video from the pros at the UNH Cooperative Extension for the best success in planting at home.

If this feels like a bigger project than you are capable of, or you would like a consultation on a more strategic plan for multiple tree or shrub plantings in your landscape, let Studley’s Landscaping Pros advise. We offer residential and commercial landscape design, installation, and maintenance.

Planting For Energy Conservation

arbor day foundation trees energy conservation climate change demonstration

Source: Arbor Day Foundation

Think about how your tree selection and placement might serve more than an aesthetic purpose. We can’t blame ourselves for being drawn to stunning flowering shrubs or colorful foliage. Of course, we know that trees and shrubs also provide animal habitat, and planting fruit trees rewards a delicious bonus, but what about planting for conservation?

According to the Arbor Day Foundation, planting the right trees in the right places conserves energy and reduces your energy bills, while helping to fight climate change.

Learn more about How Trees Fight Climate Change.

My Pro Tip

Save time planning for your fall tree & shrub planting with our free online Plant Finder Tool to search by category, or do an advanced search of our inventory to research the specific attributes you have in mind. You’ll find photos and valuable information on sizes, growth habits, form, features and planting. Save your favorite selections to the Wishlist for future reference or email it to us for a quote.

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