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Keeping a garden journal is a return to a custom of the ages that is not only healthy for your garden, but a naturally holistic practice for the mind.

Harvest Season Tradition

The end of October marks the final harvest and the beginning of winter season, or the “dark months”, the midpoint between the fall equinox and the winter solstice.

When people lived the land, the last full moon signaled the last harvest of the year. It was a time to come in from the fields, to look after yourselves and your family, and prepare for the cold and dark months to come.

Thankfully, our lives are more comfortable in modern society, where most of us are much less reliant on our personal land for survival.

Nesting Season

However; this practice remains, in a sense. We still begin to come in from the outdoors more and more in the late fall, as the temperatures drop, leaves fall from the trees, flowers wither in the garden, and fruits rot on the vine. We begin to prepare our homes for the security and comfort of our family. Just as the plants and flowers return to the earth, we too are grounding ourselves for the winter months. Today, this is more commonly known as “nesting season.”

It is still the time for the home gardener to reflect on the season that has gone by. Use this time as our ancestors did, to evaluate what grew well, what did not grow well, what you will do differently for next season. What will you plant, relocate, divide?

A garden journal is not only a great way to document our garden season, but it is also a practice that grounds us in our thoughts and plans. Over time, you build a personal archive of invaluable reference you can rely on year after year. You can get as detailed as you like, keeping track of the weather, sunlight, bloom times, pests, or maybe what tools or supplies you want to stock up on for next year.

Pen to Paper

Even with all of the modern digital options available to us for journaling, there’s something cathartic about putting pen to paper. In fact, several studies have shown multiple health benefits associated with journaling.

The practice of journaling is permission to take time out and focus on something that matters or means something to you as an individual. Prepare to transform your garden for next year and nourish yourself, while you’re at it.

Just like the plants and flowers, you will emerge in the spring invigorated, and ready with a thoughtful, organized and efficient approach to the season.

Winter Window Shopping

It seems that after the holidays, the novelty of winter begins to wear off for many. Gardeners are already itching to get their hands back into the soil. Gardening shows, magazines and seed catalogs can hold us over for only so long!

We invite you to do a little garden window shopping with our free online Plant Finder Tool. No registration is required. You can search our inventory, see photos and plant information, get a sneak peek at what’s new for 2022, and even save your favorites to build a personal Wish List. Save or print your Wish List, or look for the option at the bottom of your list to email it to us, and we can begin building your order. We’ll follow up to arrange payment and pick-up or delivery.

My Pro Tip

At the end of each season, I take a video of my garden and narrate it to document my thoughts and ideas for changes next year. As I am journaling my plans throughout the winter, I have a voice and visual reference.

We just brought in a limited supply of these botanical journals to our gift shop. Stop by and treat yourself to a little personal purchase, in the interest of health and well-being, for you and your garden!

This Garden Journal includes plant planning paper, space to document your species list, grid paper, a compost guide, garden inspiration, tips and tricks, pollinators and pest information, and 50+ pages of journal space.

See you at Studley’s!

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