Plant Gift Guide

To give a plant gift or living gift is a lasting gift that serves as a reminder of your special relationship, beautiful and enduring for years to come!

If you’re looking to add more meaning to your gift giving this year or just need fresh ideas, a plant gift may be just the thing! We have compiled a list of our Top 10 seasonal favorites to bring you the 2018 Studley’s Plant Gift Guide!

If you plan to give a plant gift, you’ll find these and more to complete your list right here at Studley’s!
For more plant gift ideas and to get them delivered from our greenhouse right to their door for Christmas, visit our online greenhouse to find hundreds of Houseplants to choose from.

Get more tips for greening up your thumbs in our guides on Poinsettia, Succulents, Winter Plant Care.

My Pro Tip:
The most common problem with plant care is over or under watering. A good rule of thumb for most plants is to poke your finger into the soil, if it is wet above an inch – wait to water until it is dry to about an inch. When re-potting, be sure to size the pot appropriately for the roots. Long roots need a deep container and shallow rooted plants, such as succulents, can survive well in a shallow container. If the water runs through the pot and out the bottom, instead of absorbing into the soil, and roots are compacted or showing through drain holes, your pot is probably too small. Choose a container that is a few inches larger than the old pot or root ball. Replace soil up to the top of the root ball, covering all the roots. You can usually see a natural fill line on the plant stem when re-potting. For more tips, see our Winter Plant Care guide. The easiest way to re-pot your plants is to bring them to our greenhouse and we’ll re-pot them for you!

See you at Studley’s!

written by Jeffrey Meulenbroek

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