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Summer Blues | Blue Flowers For The Garden

Blue flowers and the color blue is rare in nature, but that hasn’t stopped determined gardeners from seeking it out with a passion this year. Given the quest for blue hues, we’re sharing some of our favorite Summer Blues!

Blue Steel Russian Sage

A full-sun herbaceous perennial that forms a dense mound of lacy, fragrant, gray-green leaves, producing spikes of lavender-blue flowers held in smoky purple calyxes from summer until fall. Deer tend to leave this one alone!

Blue Fortune Anise Hyssop

Happy in sun or shade, this herbaceous perennial has an upright spreading habit of growth, with masses of beautiful spikes of lightly-scented blue flowers rising above the foliage from mid-summer to mid-fall. A nice cutting flower.

Kitten Around Catmint

Preferring full sun – partial shade,the fine texture of this plant sets it apart, but the lovely periwinkle-blue flowers with rosy-purple calyxes that bloom above mounded aromatic foliage from early summer until fall are the draw. Great in containers, beds & borders.

Beyond Midnight Caryopteris 

A full sun lover, this impressive shrub has glossy green leaves with silver undersides throughout the season, clothed in stunning cymes of royal blue flowers along the branches from late summer to early fall. A real pollinator magnet!

Blue Glitter Sea Holly

A favorite for it’s unusual, show-stopping prickly steel-blue flowers with darker blue stems. It is thistle-like and tolerates hot dry sites. It’s attractive to butterflies and beautiful in dried arrangements!

My Pro Tip

blue flowers of Rozanne cranesbill

If these ideas having you feeling the blues, use our Plant Finder tool to search more blue flowering plants There’s no login required, you can view photos, plant attributes and get planting or care instructions, plus create your very own Wish List to save or print for your next visit.

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