Fall Garden Care

Fall garden care in New England is all about protecting your plants for winter, preparing for the next season and extending your color display with cool weather-loving ornamental plants. As sad as we may be to see summer end, the weather is right for working outdoors. Studley's has all your tips for investments that [...]

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Studley’s Pro Guide To Cutting Gardens

Cutting gardens not only provide fresh flowers to fill your home with romantic color and fragrance, but also with happiness!  Studies show that just the presence of flowers triggers happy emotions, heightens feelings of life satisfaction and affects social behavior in a positive manner. Living with flowers is shown to strengthen feelings of compassion, and [...]

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Fall Centerpieces | Home Decor Beyond Mums & Gourds

Fall centerpieces have always been the anchor for autumn interior design, and with a little help from nature you can take things beyond the mums and gourds. Our design team shows you how to use fresh flowers and arrangements from the florist, along with organic elements that can be found in your back yard (or [...]

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Poinsettia | Legend, Care & Myth

Christmas at Studley’s means Poinsettias! Most people do not realize that the hundreds of gorgeous Poinsettias you find in our shop during the holidays are actually grown right here in our greenhouses. Beginning in July, we go to work nurturing these plants from a tiny cutting to the lush, mature and varied specimens we bring [...]

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Nature Inspired Holiday Decor For Your Home

Decorating with natural elements is my favorite trend for 2015 - and always! You can't go wrong with organic design and nature inspired holiday decor. It marries seamlessly into any interior style, it has tactile and aromatic appeal, it is really hard to overdo, and in New Hampshire or Maine - much of your props [...]

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