Top Garden Picks For 2019

Our Top Garden Picks for 2019 are out just in time for the coming of spring! You’ll find some new varieties that will occupy your thoughts with dreams of new plots, plants to pot and flowers like you’ve never seen! We’re often asked which are our favorite plants for the garden. The truth is, [...]

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Top Garden Picks For 2018

For those with a green thumb or aspiring to have one, the coming of spring awakens a winter of garden dreams. For months we have plotted plans, pored over catalogs, magazines and Pinterest boards, coveting new plant and flower additions for 2018.      We are often asked which are our favorite plants for the [...]

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Health Benefits of Gardening

The garden is more than a place for plants and it offers us much more than aesthetic value. As it turns out, there is something to the old adage, "You reap what you sow" and the health benefits of gardening feed mind, body and soul.   Heart Healthy We know that regular physical activity helps [...]

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Spring Garden Checklist

We have your spring garden checklist to get you organized and started on tackling those outdoor chores just as soon as Mother Nature allows! Here in the northeast, we're still subject to wild temperature swings and unpredictable weather conditions, so working on warmer and dry days, you can begin to check off the items on [...]

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Vegetable Garden Success & Planting Annuals for Color

A vegetable garden will return your time and effort tenfold. Nothing is more rewarding than preparing a meal with ripe, fresh, sun-warmed vegetables from your own garden. Plus, you'll save money on groceries, know exactly what you are consuming, and the kids will enjoy helping out in the garden too! With a little planning, even [...]

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Spring Garden Maintenance

Spring garden maintenance and preparation is our opportunity to get back out there and reconnect with the earth! April could be the gardener's most anticipated month of the year. We watch and wait for those first bulbs to emerge from a long winter's nap. When the hyacinth and crocuses appear, we know that irises, forsythia and lilacs [...]

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