Wedding Flower Design Trends for 2018

From dresses to decor, the world of design and fashion are highly influential on wedding flower design trends. With Ultra Violet announced as the Pantone color of the year, a shade that “Communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future,” we think this will allow for an opportunity for couples to express their personal style. 

Bold colors will continue this year and we are already seeing this color setting the tone for wedding palettes. It is a perfect complement to the continuing metallics (gold & copper!) trend, as well as the 4 major floral trends that are burning up Pinterest boards the world over. The Flower Trends Forecast video breaks them all down for us…  



Your Style

Wedding flower trends will come and go, but at Studley Flower Gardens, we believe in 3 rules that time will never change:

1. Your wedding flowers should be a reflection of your personal style.
2. Your wedding flowers serve to enhance the atmosphere you have dreamed of on your special day.
3. As your wedding florist, we recognize and respect that we have one chance to get these things right and leave a positive, lasting impression with you on one of the most important days of your life.

So while we stay on top of the in the latest styles in wedding flower design trends, our focus is always on YOU and YOUR style. Here’s a look at how we have helped bring a personal flair to these current trends.

Mediterranean Chic 

Here we combine bright yellow sunflowers with the pale blues of sea holly, blushing peaches with touches of pinks, deep purples, vibrant reds and rust oranges to create this simple, yet sophisticated look. 


Incarnation of Earth’s Element

Inspired by a moon garden, which emphasizes plants that display well at night and scent the air, we combine classic white roses, hydrangea and dahlias with elegant white agapanthus for delicate fragrance and accent with foliage in silvery, gray greens.


Positively Posh

Here we bring romance with rich shades of plum, mix in striking purple for drama and add light shades of silver violet that shine against soft pink for femininity. 


Folk Art Reinvented

In a gorgeous spectrum of color that emulates free spirit, we combine showy and bold red dahlia with bright purple liatris and quirky yellow ranunculus, complemented with blue hydrangea in an ode to renaissance.    




>>See how plants are also expected to play a major role in wedding decor trends in 2018!  


Studley’s Weddings Are Happily Ever After

We have been designing wedding flowers for generations and over the years we have learned a lot about what makes for, not only a beautiful wedding but also a happy wedding client!

Our years of experience have taught us much about the approach to wedding events, and we know that getting to know you is an important part of our work. Our designers consider each wedding, no matter the size, as a custom wedding.

Get Started

As your wedding florist, we provide everything you need to get started on planning your wedding flower selections. Visit Studley’s Wedding Services page for our Wedding Checklist and other helpful resources, including our wedding budget calculator, DIY wedding flower option, as well as plant and decor rental information.

Book Your FREE Floral Decor Consultation

We recommend that you schedule a consultation with our designer 3-6 months prior to your wedding date.

We’ll start by sending you a questionnaire to collect some basic information in preparation for your consultation. This allows us to dedicate our time together to better understanding your vision and expectations.

Your initial 1-hour consultation with a designer is FREE. 

Following the consultation we will send you a cost estimate of the flowers chosen and we’ll work with you to fine tune to your preferences or budget.

Your chosen wedding colors, selected attire, and even your venue will play a role in your wedding flower design decisions. Try to make these decisions prior to your design consultation with us. We encourage you to bring swatches, and photos of these choices and other flower ideas you like. For more ideas and inspiration, see how The Knot’s article with 21 Gorgeous Ways to Use Pantone’s Color of the Year in Your Wedding.

We are familiar with most local venues and knowledge of your ceremony and reception locations allows us to propose floral décor options that are suitable to your space.

My Pro Tip

faux living wall rental

Congratulations on becoming engaged! With so many choices and decisions to make, planning a wedding can be stressful. Rely on the professionals you hire to guide you and help you. Regardless of budget or how expensive your taste, your vendors should be able to help you find solutions that are suitable to your taste, within your budget.

Check out our Mail Order Greenhouse for living wedding favors! 

When you look back on your wedding day, your memories will consist of the moments you cherished together with your partner and your loved ones, and the details of planning and decisions will have long fallen away. Try to savor and enjoy every moment!

See you at Studley’s!

Written by Molly Meulenbroek


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