We’re located in USDA Zone 5b, and many of our trees and shrubs are hardy to Zone 3. If you’d like more information on USDA Hardiness Zones, please visit here.

The availability of live plants depends on many factors. As licensed Plant Dealers by the NH Department of Agriculture, our stock is certified for condition and quality.

Studley Flower Gardens Inc. guarantees its plants to be true to type. Varieties incorrectly identified on the label may be exchanged or credited. Any live, healthy plant may be returned with plant tag and receipt within one month from date of purchase for any reason for credit.

Studley Flower Gardens Inc. guarantees certain trees and shrubs for one year from date of purchase, whether purchased in our garden center or installed by our landscape team. Planting instructions must be carefully followed, including the use of soil amendements, fertilizer and proper watering. Plants must be situated in an appropriate site for the plant type. Plants, trees and shrubs are perishable products. However, with good horticultural practices very few plants fail to thrive. Studley’s will replace a plant that has failed to survive or proves to be non-viable within one year from date of purchase.

A sales receipt, plant tag and the defective plant must be presented at the time of return. The value of the replacement shall not exceed the original purchase price. Plants will only be replaced once. After twelve months from date of purchase, there is no guarantee.

Plants are not guaranteed against vandalism, floods, storms, fire, animal damage, drought or acts of God.

Plants are not guaranteed in containers or planter boxes.

Plants that are not covered under this guarantee include houseplants, annuals, tropical, perennials, rose bushes, mum plants and water plants.

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