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Plan To Bring Houseplants Outdoors This Summer

When it comes to summer porches, patios and decks, houseplants are the secret ingredient in forming a lush, relaxing outdoor space. With the right introduction, most indoor plants will also thrive outdoors. Begin planning now to bring houseplants outdoors in summer.

Here in the Northeast, the safest time to leave your houseplants outside is the same as for tender annuals, Memorial Day.

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Mixing houseplants with flowering annuals in pots, hanging baskets or containers is a savvy method for filling out the greenery and bringing in some added texture or color.

Begin planning your plantscape now by identifying a warm, but shady spot under a tree or awning, and out of direct sunlight. Although most houseplants have topical origins, they’re accustomed to the controlled environment of the greenhouse or your home. Too much sun, or too much sun too fast, will damage your plants.

Any time we move a plant, especially to the outdoors where new extremes of sun, wind, rain and pests are factors, they will experience some stress. You might notice a slight change in leaf color for a short period, but if placed in the right spot, your plants should bounce back nicely and be very happy outside.

The best way to minimize shock is to acclimate them to the outdoor environment slowly. As spring arrives and we experience more warm sunny days, you can plan to begin bringing out your plants for a couple hours of fresh air each day. The ideal window is usually 10am – 3pm.

Start by limiting time outdoors to 1-2 hours and then bring the plants back inside. Follow this practice daily as temps allow, increasing the time outdoors each time. After 2-3 weeks you should have worked up to a full day duration before their permanent transition.

Once acclimated, plan to leave plants out overnight only when you can be assured nighttime temps will remain above 50 degrees.

Straight sun and wind can dry plants more than they are accustomed to, so be sure to adapt watering habits and employ regular fertilizing to help replenish nutrients. Shelter your plants during extreme weather and keep an eye for outdoor pest damage.

5 Houseplants To Bring Outdoors In Summer As Great Patio & Container Plants:

  • Beautiful variegated foliage in striped shades of green, white and lilac pink
  • Can be grown in a hanging basket
  • Makes a striking foliage accent in combination planters with pink or purple blooms

  • Compact grower
  • Showy golden variegated maple-shaped foliage is soft and fuzzy
  • Produces abundant salmon colored flowers

  • Vigorous, mounded upright grower
  • Rich, deep green leaves with purple undersides
  • Lots of delicate, soft lavender orchid-like blooms

  • Bright silver spots adorn large, deep green wing shaped leaves
  • Drips with clusters of soft pink flowers
  • Excellent choice for hanging basket or combination planter

  • Many scents available including rose, citrosa, lime and our fav – peppermint!
  • Produces soothing fragrance when watered or foliage is brushed
  • Sample a collection to find your favorite!

My Pro Tip:

When choosing your annual flowers, choose tones and leaves that will complement your houseplants. Pair them in groupings or arrange in containers for a tropical vibe. Don’t be afraid to bring houseplants outdoors as decor for summer parties and events. Use your hanging plants and indoor trees to dress up the porch or patio with added greenery and string some lights or lanterns for ambience.

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