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2019 Inventory

Looking for annuals, herbs and vegetables? Find our varieties here for this year.

2019 inventory availability is weather dependent. Most items are usually in stock and ready by April 15th.
NameVarietyPot Size   
Abutilonmegapotamicum ' Variegatum'4.5"
Abutilonmegapotamicum 'Big Belle'4.5"
AbutilonOrange Variegated4.5"
AbutilonSouvenir de Bonn4.5"
AcalyphaBronze Pink4.5"
AcalyphaJungle Cloak4.5"
Acalypha pendulaChenille Plant4.5"
AgeratumBumble Blue4.5"
AgeratumHawaii Blue 5.06 Cell
AgeratumHorizon Blue8"
AllamandaBrown Bud4.5"
AlternantheraGold Thread6 Cell, 4.5"
AlternantheraGrenadine6 Cell, 4.5"
AlternantheraMai Tai6 Cell, 4.5"
AlternantheraParty Time6 Cell, 4.5"
AlternantheraPurple Knight4.5"
AlternantheraPurple Prince4.5"
AlternantheraRed Thread6 Cell, 4.5"
AlyssumNew Carpet of Snow6 Cell
AlyssumWonderland Pink Pastel6 Cell
AlyssumWonderland White6 Cell
AmaranthusCarnival6 Cell
AmaranthusEarly Splendor6 Cell
AmaranthusLove Lies Bleeding6 Cell
AmaranthusVelvet Curtains6 Cell
AngeloniaAngelface Cascade Blue4.5"
AngeloniaAngelface Steel Blue4.5"
AngeloniaSerena Blue4.5"
AngeloniaSerenita Pink4.5"
ArgyranthemumButterfly Yellow4.5", 8"
Asclepiascurassavica 'Silky Scarlet'4.5"
AsterBall Florist Mix6 Cell
AsterPot & Patio Mix6 Cell
BacopaScopia Gulliver Blue4.5"
BacopaScopia Gulliver Pink4.5"
BacopaScopia Gulliver WhiteHB
Barbados PrideCaesalpinia pulcherima8"
BeanScarlet Runner Painted Lady4.5"
BegoniaAngel Wings Asst4.5"
BegoniaBL Bada Boom Rose Bicolor6 Cell
BegoniaBossa Nova Night Fever Papaya4.5", HB
BegoniaBossa Nova Orange4.5", HB
BegoniaBossa Nova Pink Glow4.5", HB
BegoniaBossa Nova Yellow4.5", HB
BegoniaBronze Leaf Bada Boom Pink6 Cell
BegoniaBronze Leaf Bada Boom Scarlet6 Cell
BegoniaDragon Wing Pink6"
BegoniaDragon Wing Red6"
BegoniaFunky Pink4.5"
BegoniaGreen Lead Bada Bing White6 Cell
BegoniaGreen Leaf Bada Bing Rose6 Cell
BegoniaGreen Leaf Bada Bing Scarlet6 Cell
BegoniaMy Special Angel4.5"
BegoniaNonstop Red4.5"
BegoniaSolenia Scarlet4.5"
BegoniaSolenia Yellow4.5"
BegoniaIllumination Apricot Shades4.5"
Begonia - ElatiorBatik8"
Begonia - ElatiorBlitz8"
Begonia - ElatiorCarmen8"
Begonia - ElatiorCarneval8"
Begonia - ElatiorDragone Evening Glow8"
Begonia - ElatiorNetja8"
Begonia - RexAsst.4.5"
BidensGolden Empire4.5", HB
BracteanthaCottage Pink4.5"
BracteanthaCottage Yellow4.5"
BrugmansiaSuaveolens Peach1 Qt., 8"
CaladiumCarolyn Whorton4.5", 8"
CaladiumMiss Muffett4.5", 8"
CaladiumPink Beauty4.5", 8"
CalendulaBon Bon Mix6 Cell
CalibrachoaCallie Dark RedHB
CalibrachoaCallie Eclipse LavenderHB
CalibrachoaCallie Light BlueHB
CalibrachoaCallie Rose4.5", HB
CalibrachoaCallie Star Orange4.5", HB
CalibrachoaCallie YellowHB
CalibrachoaCandy Shop Atomic Orange4.5"
CalibrachoaCandy Shop Candy Crush4.5"
CalibrachoaCandy Shop Grape Splash4.5"
CalibrachoaChameleon Sunshine BerryHB
CalibrachoaCrave Strawberry Star4.5"
CalibrachoaFuseables Paradise Island8"HB
CalibrachoaKabloom Denim4.5"
CalibrachoaMinifamous Neo Royal Blue4.5", HB
CalibrachoaMinifamous Neo White & Yellow Eye4.5"
CalocephalusBed Head4.5"
Canna LilyCannova Red Flame8"
Canna LilyTropical Bronze Scarlet8"
Canna LilyTropical Yellow8"
Castor BeanCarmencita Red6"
Castor BeanZanzibarensis6"
CelosiaAsian Garden8"
CelosiaCastle Orange6 Cell
CelosiaCastle Pink6 Cell
CelosiaCastle Scarlet6 Cell
CelosiaCastle Yellow6 Cell
CelosiaCramer's Burgundy6 Cell
CelosiaDragon's Breath4.5", 8"
CelosiaNeo Orange8"
CelosiaNeo Pink8"
CelosiaPampas Plume6 Cell
CelosiaPrestige Scarlet6 Cell
CelosiaSunday Bright Pink8"
CelosiaSunday Purple8"
CelosiaNew Look6 Cell
CentaureaBlue Boy6 Cell
CentaureaChoice Mixture6 Cell
CleomeClio Magenta4.5", 8"
CleomeClio Pink Lady4.5", 8"
CleomeQueen Mix6 Cell
ClerodendronBleeding Heart Vine4.5"
CloverNew Zealand2.5"
ColeusBlack Dragon6 Cell
ColeusPremium Sun Crimson Gold4.5"
ColeusPremium Sun Mighty Mosaic4.5"
ColeusWizard Mix6 Cell
ColeusWizard Rose6 Cell
CoprosmaEvening Glow4.5"
CoprosmaPink Splendor4.5"
CordylineBlack Knight4.5"
CosmosLemonade6 Cell
CosmosSeashells Mix6 Cell
CosmosSensation Mix6 Cell
CosmosSonata Carmine6 Cell
CosmosSonata Pink6 Cell
CosmosSonata Purple6 Cell
CosmosSonata White6 Cell
CrossandraTropic Flame4.5"
CupheaFloriglory Diana4.5"
Dahlberg DaisyGolden Fleece6 Cell
DahliaFigaro Mix6 Cell
DahliaFigaro Violet Shades6 Cell
DahliaFigaro Yellow Shades6 Cell
DahliaXXL Collection8"
DaturaBallerina Purple8"
DaturaBallerina Yellow8"
DaturaBelle Blanche8"
DianthusFloral Lace White6 Cell
DianthusJolt Pink8"
DianthusSuper Parfait Raspberry6 Cell
DianthusSuper Parfait Strawberry6 Cell
DichondraSilver Falls4.5"
Dracaena indivisaSpikes3.5"
Dusty MillerSilverdust6 Cell
ErysimumCitrona Yellow4.5"
EuphorbiaDiamond Mountain4.5"
Flowering KaleCrane Feather Queen RedCut
Flowering KaleCrane White1 Qt., #400
Flowering KaleNagoya Mix1 Qt., #400
Flowering KaleOsaka Mix1 Qt., #400
Flowering KalePeacock Red1 Qt., #400
Four-O-ClocksMirabilis jalapa Mix4.5"
Four-O-ClocksMirabilis jalapa Pink4.5"
FuchsiaUpright Collection4.5"
FuchsiaDark EyesHB
FuchsiaSouth GateHB
Fuseables - Multi SpeciesSilk 'N Satin6"
GazaniaKiss Mix6 Cell
GeraniumAmericana Dark Red4.5"
GeraniumCalliope Medium Dark Red4.5"
GeraniumIndian Dunes4.5"
GeraniumMoxie Dark Red4.5"
GeraniumWilhelm Langguth4.5"
GeraniumAmericana Rose Ice4,5"
GeraniumAmericana Salmon4.5"
GeraniumCalliope Large Dark Red4.5",12".HB
GeraniumCalliope Large Hot Rose4.5",12".HB
GeraniumCalliope Large Lavender4.5",12".HB
GeraniumMoxie Pink4.5"
GeraniumPretty Little Pink Splash4.5"
GeraniumRocky Mountain Dark Red6", 12"
Geranium - MWCandy Flower Dark Red6.5"
Geranium - MWCandy Flower Peach Cloud6.5"
Geranium - MWElegance Purple Majesty6.5"
Geranium - ScentedAttar of Roses4.5"
Geranium - ScentedCitronella4.5"
Geranium - ScentedConcolor Lace4.5"
Geranium - ScentedLemon4.5"
Geranium - ScentedLime4.5"
Geranium - ScentedMabel Gray4.5"
Geranium - ScentedNutmeg / Apple4.5"
Geranium - ScentedOld Fashioned Rose4.5"
Geranium - ScentedOrange4.5"
Geranium - ScentedPeacock4.5"
Geranium - ScentedPeppermint4.5"
Geranium - ScentedPink Capitatum4.5"
Geranium - ScentedRoger's Lemon4.5"
Geranium - ScentedVariegated Nutmeg4.5"
Geranium - ScentedVariegated Rose Mint4.5"
German IvyGreen3.5"
GloxiniaAvanti Mix6"
GomphrenaAudray Pink6"
GomphrenaGnome Purple6 Cell
GomphrenaPing Pong Purple6 Cell
GomphrenaStrawberry Fields6 Cell
GomphrenaTruffula Pink4.5"
GrassBasket Grass4.5"
GrassSt. Augustine's4.5"
Grass - CarexBronco1 Qt.
Grass - CarexRed Rooster1 Qt.
Grass - CornPink Zebra8"
Grass - JuncusTwister1 Qt.
Grass - MilletJade Princess1 Qt., 8"
Grass - MilletLimelight SprayQt.
Grass - MilletPurple Majesty1 Qt., 8"
Grass - PennisetumFireworks8"
Grass - PennisetumRubrum1 Qt.
Grass - PennisetumVertigo8"
Grass - StipaPony Tails1 Qt.
Grass - WheatCat Grass4"
HelichrysumLemon Licorice4.5"
HelichrysumSilver Mist4.5"
HibiscusMahogany Splendor1 Qt.
HypoestesSplash Pink6 Cell, 4.5"
HypoestesSplash Red6 Cell, 4.5"
HypoestesSplash White6 Cell, 4.5"
ImpatiensImpreza Blue Pearl6 Cell
ImpatiensImpreza Cherry Splash6 Cell
ImpatiensImpreza Pink6 Cell
ImpatiensImpreza Punch6 Cell
ImpatiensImpreza Violet6 Cell
ImpatiensImpreze White6 Cell
Impatiens - New GuineaMagnum Blue4.5"
Impatiens - New GuineaMagnum Bright Purple4.5"
Impatiens - New GuineaMagnum Clear Pink4.5"
Impatiens - New GuineaMagnum Clear White4.5"
Impatiens - New GuineaMagnum Lavender Splash4.5"
Impatiens - New GuineaMagnum Purple4.5"
Impatiens - New GuineaMagnum Red Flame4.5"
Impatiens - New GuineaMagnum White Blush4.5"
Impatiens - New GuineaMagnum Wild Salmon4.5"
Impatiens - NGDivine Mix4.5"
IpomoeaBright Ideas Lime4.5"
IpomoeaBright Ideas Rusty Red4.5"
IresinePurple Lady4.5"
LantanaBandana Lemon Zest4.5", 8"
LantanaBandana Peach4.5", 8"
LinariaFantasista Mix4.5"
LobeliaHot Royal Blue4.5"
LobeliaHot Water Blue4.5"
LobeliaTechno BlueHB
LobeliaRiviera Blue Sky6 Cell
LobeliaRiviera Midnight Blue6 Cell
LobulariaWhite Stream4.5",HB
Lotus Vineberthelotii4.5"
MarigoldCrackerjack Mix6 Cell
MarigoldDurango Flame6 Cell
MarigoldDurango Gold6 Cell
MarigoldDurango Red6 Cell
MarigoldDurango Tangerine6 Cell
MarigoldDurango Yellow6 Cell
MarigoldFireball6 Cell
MarigoldGem Mixture6 Cell
MarigoldInca II Gold6 Cell
MarigoldInca II Orange6 Cell
MarigoldInca II Yellow6 Cell
MarigoldPetite Mixed Colors6 Cell
MarigoldSafari Red6 Cell
MarigoldCracker Joe Orange6 Cell
MelampodiumJackpot Gold6 Cell
MelampodiumMillion Gold6 Cell
Mimosa pudicaSensitive Plant4.5"
Morning GloryCardinal Climber6 Cell, 4.5"
Morning GloryCrimson Rambler6 Cell, 4.5"
Morning GloryEvening Glory Moonflower6 Cell, 4.5"
Morning GloryGrandpa Ott's6 Cell, 4.5"
Morning GloryPicotee Blue6 Cell, 4.5"
Morning GloryPresident Tyler6 Cell, 4.5"
Morning GloryHeavenly Blue6 Cell, 4.5"
MustardSouthern Giant Curled6 Cell, 4.5"
NasturtiumDwarf Jewel Mix4.5"
NasturtiumTip Top Alaska Mix4.5"
NasturtiumWhirlybird Mix4.5"
NemesiaPoetry Blue4.5"
NemesiaSunsatia Blood Orange4.5"
NemesiaSeventh Heaven Mix4.5"
NicotianaStarmaker Bright Red6 Cell
NicotianaStarmaker Deep Lime6 Cell
NicotianaStarmaker White6 Cell
NicotianaTall Pink6 Cell
OsteospermumMargarita Yellow4.5", 8"
OsteospermumMargarite Pink Flare4.5", 8"
OxalisAllure Silver4.5"
Pachystachyslutea Golden Shrimp4.5"
PansyCool Wave Lemon4.5", HB
PansyCool Wave Morpho4.5", HB
PansyCool Wave Raspberry4.5", HB
PansyHalloween II6 Cell
PansyMatrix Morpheus6 Cell
PansySpring Matrix Blue6 Cell
PansySpring Matrix Lavender Shades6 Cell
PansySpring Matrix Midnight Glow6 Cell
PansySpring Matrix Ocean6 Cell
PansySpring Matrix Pink Shades6 Cell
PansySpring Matrix Yellow Blotch6 Cell
Partridge PeaYellow4.5"
PassifloraBlue Bahama4.5"
PentasHoney Cluster Red4.5", 8"
PentasLucky Star Pink4.5". 8"
PentasLucky Star Raspberry4.5", 8"
Pepper - OrnamentalBlack Leaf Ornamental4.5"
Pepper - OrnamentalChilly Chili4.5"
Pepper - OrnamentalMidnight Fire4.5"
Pepper - OrnamentalOnyx Red4.5"
Pepper - OrnamentalVariegata4.5"
Peristophevariegata Marble Leaf4.5"
PetchoaSupercal Premium BordeauxHB
PetchoaSupercal Premium Caramel YellowHB
PetchoaSupercal Premium French VanillaHB
PetchoaSupercal Premium Sunray PinkHB
PetuniaAmore Queen of Hearts4.5"
PetuniaCrazytunia Blackberry Cheesecake4.5"
PetuniaCrazytunia Blue Ice4.5"
PetuniaCrazytunia Cosmic Purple4.5"
PetuniaCrazytunia Moonstruck4.5"
PetuniaEasy Wave BlueWave 6 Cell
PetuniaEasy Wave Burgundy VelourWave 6 Cell
PetuniaEasy Wave Pink PassionWave 6 Cell
PetuniaEasy Wave Plum VeinWave 6 Cell
PetuniaEasy Wave RedWave 6 Cell
PetuniaEasy Wave VioletWave 6 Cell
PetuniaEasy Wave WhiteWave 6 Cell
PetuniaEasy Wave YellowWave 6 Cell
PetuniaNight Sky4.5"
PetuniaPretty Flora Midnight6 Cell
PetuniaPretty Flora Purple6 Cell
PetuniaPretty Flora Red6 Cell
PetuniaPretty Flora Rose6 Cell
PetuniaPretty Flora White6 Cell
PetuniaShock Wave Deep PurpleWave 6 Cell
PetuniaShock Wave DenimWave 6 Cell
PetuniaShock Wave Pink ShadesWave 6 Cell
PetuniaShock Wave Pink VeinWave 6 Cell
PetuniaShock Wave RoseWave 6 Cell
PetuniaSurfinia Brilliant PinkHB
PetuniaSurfinia Deep RedHB
PetuniaSurfinia Trailing WhiteHB
PetuniaSurfinia Trailing Wild PlumHB
PetuniaSurfinia Trailing YellowHB
PetuniaTidal Wave PurpleWave 6 Cell
PetuniaTidal Wave SilverWave 6 Cell
PetuniaTriTnia Blue Veined6 Cell
PetuniaWave PurpleWave 6 Cell
PhloxIntensia Blueberry4.5"
PhloxPopstars Mix6 Cell
Plectranthuscoleoides Var. Swedish Ivy4.5"
PlectranthusEasy Gold4.5"
PlectranthusMona Lavender4.5"
PlectranthusReversed Marginatus4.5"
PlectranthusSilver Shield4.5"
PlectranthusVariegated Cuban Oregano4.5"
PlectranthusWhite Edge4.5"
PlumbagoImperial Blue4.5"
PoppyCalifornia Mix6 Cell
PortulacaColorblast Collection4.5",HB
PortulacaDouble Mixed Colors6 Cell
PortulacaHappy Hour Banana6 Cell
PortulacaHappy Hour Deep Red6 Cell
PortulacaHappy Hour Fuchsia6 Cell
PortulacaHappy Hour Peppermint6 Cell
PseuderanthemumAmethyst Stars4.5"
Pseuderanthemumatropurpureum 'Rubrum'4.5"
Ribbon PlantCentipede Plant4.5"
RoselleRed Roselle4.5"
RudbeckiaIndian Summer8"
RudbeckiaIrish Spring8"
RumexRaspberry Dressing4.5"
SalviaBig Blue8"
SalviaBlue Angel4.5"
SalviaReddy Purple6 Cell
SalviaRockin' Fuchsia4.5"
SalviaSallyfun Blue Emotion4.5"
SalviaSirius Blue6 Cell
SalviaSummer Jewel Red6 Cell
SalviaSummer Jewels Pink6 Cell
SalviaVictoria Blue6 Cell
SalviaVista Red6 Cell
SalviaSummer Jewel Lavender6 Cell
SalviaSummer Jewel Red6 Cell
Sanchezianobilis Ellen4.5"
ScabiosaImperial Mix6 Cell
ScaevolaBrilliant4.5", HB
ScaevolaSurdiva WhiteHB
Setcreseapallida 'Purple Queen'4.5"
SetcreseaPurple Fuzzy4.5"
Shrimp PlantRed4.5"
SnapdragonSnapshot Rose6 Cell
SnapdragonSpeedy Sonnet Crimson6 Cell, 8"
SnapdragonSpeedy Sonnet Pink8", 6 Cell
SnapdragonSpeedy Sonnet Yellow8", 6 Cell
SnapdragonMagic Carpet6 Cell
StaticeQIS Purple6 Cell
StockCheerful WhiteCut
StockHot Cakes Formula Mix8"
StockHot Cakes Purple8"
StrobilanthesPersian Shield4.5"
SunflowerBallad4.5", 8"
SunflowerEvening Sun4.5"
SunflowerHart's Special Mix4.5"
SunflowerItalian White4.5"
SunflowerLemon Queen4.5"
SunflowerMiss Sunshine4.5", 8"
SunflowerRed Sun4.5"
SunflowerSun Gold4.5"
SunflowerSunfinity Yellow Dark Eye12"
SunflowerVelvet Queen4.5"
Sweet PeasKnee-Hi Mix4.5"
Sweet PeasOld Spice Mix4.5"
Sweet PeasRoyal Mix4.5"
TalinumLimon6 Cell
ThunbergiaSunny Susy Red Orange#300
Tootheache PlantBullseye4.5"
ToreniaKauai Blue White6 Cell
ToreniaPurple Moon4.5", HB
Trixi ComboCaribbean CocktailHB
Trixi ComboLollipop (Calibrachoa)HB
Trixi ComboStarspinnerHB
Trixi ComboStralight StarbrightHB
Trixi ComboWho Knew OrleansHB
VerbenaVepita Amethyst Kiss4.5", HB
VerbenaVepita Blue-Violet4.5", HB
VerbenaVepita Fire Red4.5" HB
VerbenaVepita White4.5", HB
VerbenaQuartz XP Pink6 Cell
VerbenaQuartz XP Purple6 Cell
VincaTitan Bubble Gum Mix6 Cell
VincaTitan Lilac6 Cell
VincaTitan Rose Halo6 Cell
Vinca Vinemaculata3.5"
Vinca VineVariegated3.5"
ViolaSorbet Blue Blotch6 Cell
ViolaSorbet XP Deep Orange6 Cell
ViolaSorbet XP Pink Halo6 Cell
ViolaSorbet XP Raspberry6 Cell
ViolaSorbet XP True Blue6 Cell
ViolaSorbet XP Yellow Blotch6 Cell
ViolaTiger Eye Mix6 Cell
Wandering JewPurple4.5"
Wheat GrassSpring Wheat (Cat Grass)Cut
ZinniaBenary's Giant Mix6 Cell
ZinniaCalifornia Giant Mix6 Cell
ZinniaCalifornia Giant Scarlet6 Cell
ZinniaLilliput Mix6 Cell
ZinniaMagellan Cherry6 Cell, 8"
ZinniaMagellan Salmon6 Cell, 8"
ZinniaMagellan Yellow6 Cell, 8"
ZinniaProfusion Cherry6 Cell, 8"
ZinniaProfusion Double Deep Salmon6 Cell, 8"
ZinniaProfusion Orange6 Cell, 8"
ZinniaProfusion Red6 Cell, 8"
ZinniaProfusion Yellow6 Cell, 8"
ZinniaState Fair Mix6 Cell
ZinniaSwirls Mix6 Cell
ZinniaSwizzle Cherry Ivory6 Cell, 8"
ZinniaSwizzle Scarlet Yellow6 Cell, 8"
ZinniaUproar Rose6 Cell, 8"
ZinniaZahara Double Raspberry Ripple6 Cell, 8"
ZinniaZahara Rose Starlight6 Cell, 8"
ZinniaZahara Sunburst6 Cell, 8"
ZinniaZowie Yellow Flame6 Cell, 8"
2019 inventory availability is weather dependent. Most items are usually in stock and ready by April 15th.
NameVarietyPot Size   
AppleBraeburn (Semi-Dwarf)10 Gal
AppleCortland10 Gal
AppleHoneycrisp10 Gal
AppleMcIntosh (Semi-Dwarf)10 Gal
AppleRed Cameo10 Gal
ArtichokeImperial StarFiber
Asian PearTawara5 Gal.
AspargusMary Washington1 Qt.
BasilAfrican Blue4"
BasilCinnamon Basil4"
BasilDolce Fresca4"
BasilGreek Columnar4"
BasilRed Rosie4"
BasilRed Rosie4"
BasilSimplyherbs Try Basil4"
BasilSweet Mammoth4"
BeanUrizun Japanese Winged BeanFiber
BeetBulls Blood6 Cell
BlackberryDarrow1 Gal.
BlueberryDarrow1 Gal., 3 Gal.
BlueberryEarliblue1 Gal., 3 Gal.
BlueberryJersey1 Gal., 3 Gal.
BlueberryLateblue1 Gal., 3 Gal.
BlueberryNorthland1 Gal., 3 Gal.
BlueberryPatriot1 Gal., 3 Gal.
Bok ChoyChinese Cabbage6 Cell
BroccoliCalabrese6 Cell
BroccoliRaab6 Cell
BroccoliEmerald Jewel6 Cell
Brussel SproutsJade Cross6 Cell
Brussel SproutsLong Island Improved6 Cell
CabbageChinese Michihli6 Cell
CabbageCopenhagen Market6 Cell
CabbageGolden Cross6 Cell
CabbageRed Acre6 Cell
CabbageSavoy Perfection6 Cell
CardoonPorto SpinelessFiber
CauliflowerEarly Snowball6 Cell
CauliflowerSnow Crown6 Cell
CeleryGiant PascalFiber
CeleryPeppermint StickFiber
CeleryTall UtahFiber
CherryLapins Sweet (Semi-Dwarf)10 Gal.
CherryMontmorency Sweet (Semi-Dwarf)10 Gal.
CherryStella10 Gal.
CilantroSanto4", 6 Cell
CornEarly Sunglow6 Cell
CornGolden Cross6 Cell
CucumberBoston PicklingFiber
CucumberBush PickleFiber
CucumberEarly Spring Burpless (Slicing)Fiber
CucumberJapanese Long Green DragonFiber
CucumberSpacemaster 80 (Pickling)Fiber
CucumberStraight EightFiber
CucumberWisconsin SMR 58 PicklingFiber
CucumberMuncher (Burpless) PicklingFiber
EggplantBlack BeautyFiber
EggplantLittle FingersFiber
EggplantLittle FingersFiber
EggplantRosa BiancaFiber
EggplantThai Long GreenFiber
ElderberryAdams2 Gal.
EucalyptusLemon Bush6 Cell, 4"
EucalyptusSilverdrop4", 6 Cell
EucalyptusZest Baby Blue4", 6 Cell
Goji BerryBig Lifeberry1 Gal.
GourdOrnamental Small Variety MixFiber
GrapeConcord Seedless2 Gal.
GrapeReliance Seedless2 Gal.
GrapeSomerset Seedless Red2 Gal.
Grass - LemonEast Indian4"
HopsNugget Ornamental2 Gal.
HorseradishCommon1 Gal.
KaleDinosaur (lancinato)6 Cell
KaleDwarf Blue Curled Scotch6 Cell
KaleNancy's Baby Leaf Blend6 Cell
KalePrizm6 Cell
KaleRed Russian6 Cell
KaleScarletbor6 Cell
KohlrabiWinner6 Cell
LeekAmerican FlagFiber
Lemon BalmCommon4"
Lemon BalmCommon4"
LettuceAmish Deer TongueFiber
LettuceBistro BlendFiber
LettuceBlack Seeded SimpsonFiber
LettuceHart's Special MixFiber
LettuceMerveille Des Quatre SeasonsFiber
LettuceOak LeafFiber
LettuceParris Island COSFiber
LettuceRed RomaineFiber
LettuceRed Salad BowlFiber
LettuceSelect Salad BlendFiber
LettuceSimpson EliteFiber
MelonHoney Rock CantaloupeFiber
Melon PearTzimbaloQt.
MintBerries & Cream4"
MintKentucky Colonel4"
MintMini Mint (Corsican)4"
OnionEarly Yellow Sweet SpanishFiber
OnionIshikura BunchingFiber
OnionRed Baron BunchingFiber
OreganoHot & Spicy4"
ParsleyHamburg Turnip RootedFiber
ParsleyItalian Dark Single Parsley4"
ParsleyTriple Curled4"
PeachBailey Hardy10 Gal.
PeachEarly Elberta (Semi-Dwarf)10 Gal.
PeachRedhaven10 Gal.
PeachReliance10 Gal.
PearBartlett10 Gal.
PearBosc10 Gal.
PearD'Anjou10 Gal.
Pepper - HotAji CharapitaFiber
Pepper - HotAnaheimFiber
Pepper - HotBhut Jolokia (Ghost)Fiber
Pepper - HotBhut Jolokia Red(Ghost)Fiber
Pepper - HotCarolina ReaperFiber
Pepper - HotCayenne Long ThinFiber
Pepper - HotCherry BombFiber
Pepper - HotCraig's Grande JalapenoFiber
Pepper - HotDurangoFiber
Pepper - HotEarly JalapenoFiber
Pepper - HotGreek Golden PepperonciniFiber
Pepper - HotHabaneroFiber
Pepper - HotIndian Small Green ChiliFiber
Pepper - HotItalian CollectionFiber
Pepper - HotMexican Chiles de ArbolFiber
Pepper - HotRed EmberFiber
Pepper - HotSerrano ChiliFiber
Pepper - HotThai - TinyFiber
Pepper - HotTiburonFiber
Pepper - HotTobago SeasoningFiber
Pepper - SweetBetter Belle IIIFiber
Pepper - SweetCalifornia WonderFiber
Pepper - SweetCubanelleFiber
Pepper - SweetGiant MarconiFiber
Pepper - SweetGolden California WonderFiber
Pepper - SweetMama Mia GialloFiber
Pepper - SweetMiraFiber
Pepper - SweetPretty N SweetFiber
Pepper - SweetPurple BeautyFiber
Pepper - SweetRewiaFiber
Pepper - SweetSweet Baby BellFiber
Pepper - SweetSweet BananaFiber
Pepper - SweetZarcoFiber
PlumMount Royal10 Gal.
PumpkinBaby BearFiber
PumpkinConnecticut FieldFiber
RaddichioRed Chicory Rouge de VeronaFiber
RaspberryCaroline1 Gal.
RosemaryHuntington Carpet4"
RosemarySpice Islands4"
SageIcterina Tricolor4"
SageIcterina Tricolor4"
SpinachNew ZealandFiber
SquashRed KuriFiber
Squash - AcornHoney BearFiber
Squash - ButternutButternut WalthamFiber
Squash - GourdCucuzzi CaravazziFiber
Squash - HubbardBlue HubbardFiber
Squash - SpaghettiSpaghettiFiber
Squash - SummerEarly Prolific StraightneckFiber
Squash - SummerEarly Summer CrookneckFiber
Squash - SummerYellow Straight NeckFiber
Squash - WinterBush DelicataFiber
Squash - WinterDelicataFiber
Squash - ZucchiniBall's ZucchiniFiber
Squash - ZucchiniBush ZucchiniFiber
Squash - ZucchiniDark ZucchiniFiber
Squash - ZucchiniFordhook ZucchiniFiber
Squash - ZucchiniRound ZucchiniFiber
StrawberryAllstar6 Cell
Sweet PotatoBeauregardFiber
Sweetberry HoneysuckleSugar Mountain Blue1 Gal.
Swiss ChardBright LightsFiber
Swiss ChardLucullus Dark GreenFiber
Swiss ChardRuby RedFiber
ThymeArcher's Gold4"
ThymeDoone Valley4"
ThymeGolden Lemon4"
ThymeSilver Edge4"
TomatilloGrande Rio VerdeFiber
TomatoBetter BoyFiber
TomatoBlack KrimFiber
TomatoBrandywine PinkFiber
TomatoBrandywine RedFiber
TomatoCarolina GoldFiber
TomatoChampion IIFiber
TomatoCherokee PurpleFiber
TomatoContainer ChoiceFiber
TomatoEarly GirlFiber
TomatoGardener's ChoiceFiber
TomatoGerman PinkFiber
TomatoJet StarFiber
TomatoLarge Red CherryFiber
TomatoLemon BoyFiber
TomatoMidnight SnackFiber
TomatoMortgage LifterFiber
TomatoSupersweet 100Fiber
TomatoSweet Baby GirlFiber
TomatoYellow PearFiber
TomatoSan MarzanoFiber
WalnutNorthern Prize Grafted5 Gal.
WatermelonSugar BabyFiber


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