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2018 Inventory

Looking for annuals, herbs and vegetables? Find our varieties here for this year.

2017 inventory availability is weather dependent. Most items are usually in stock and ready by April 15th.
NameCategoryVarietyPot Size
AbutilonAnnualsBella Mix4.5"
AbutilonAnnualsMaximum Mixture4.5"
AbutilonAnnualsmegapotamicum ' Variegatum'4.5", HB
AbutilonAnnualsmegapotamicum 'Big Belle'4.5", HB
AbutilonAnnualsOrange Variegated4.5"
AbutilonAnnualsSouvenir de Bonn4.5"
AcalyphaAnnualsBronze Pink4.5"
AcalyphaAnnualsJungle Cloak4.5"
AcalyphaAnnualspendula Chenille Plant4.5", HB
AgeratumAnnualsAriella Blue4.5"
AgeratumAnnualsCloud Nine Blue6 Cell
AgeratumAnnualsEverest Blue8"
AgeratumAnnualsRed Sea8"
AllamandaAnnualsBrown Bud4.5"
AlternantheraAnnualsLittle Ruby4.5"
AlternantheraAnnualsMai Tai4.5"
AlternantheraAnnualsPurple Knight4.5"
AlyssumAnnualsWonderland Deep Purple6 Cell
AlyssumAnnualsWonderland Pink Pastel6 Cell
AlyssumAnnualsWonderland White6 Cell
AmaranthusAnnualsCarnival6 Cell
AmaranthusAnnualsEarly Splendor6 Cell
AmaranthusAnnualsHot Biscuits6 Cell
AmaranthusAnnualsLove Lies Bleeding6 Cell
AngeloniaAnnualsCarita Purple4.5"
ArgyranthemumAnnualsBeauty Yellow4.5", 8"
AsterAnnualsBall Florist MixCut
AsterAnnualsPot & Patio Mix6 Cell
BacopaAnnualsScopia Gulliver WhiteHB
Bacopa AnnualsScopia Gulliver Blue4.5", HB
BananaAnnualsDwarf1 Qt.
BananaAnnualsSiam Ruby8"
BegoniaAnnualsAngels Falls Soft PinkHB
BegoniaAnnualsBL Bada Boom Rose Bicolor6 Cell
BegoniaAnnualsBossa Nova Red4.5", HB
BegoniaAnnualsBossa Nova Yellow4.5", HB
BegoniaAnnualsBronze Leaf Bada Boom Pink6 Cell
BegoniaAnnualsBronze Leaf Bada Boom Scarlet6 Cell
BegoniaAnnualsDragon Wing Pink6"
BegoniaAnnualsDragon Wing Red6"
BegoniaAnnualsEncanto OrangeHB
BegoniaAnnualsFunky Pink4.5"
BegoniaAnnualsGreen Lead Bada Bing White6 Cell
BegoniaAnnualsGreen Leaf Bada Bing Rose6 Cell
BegoniaAnnualsGreen Leaf Bada Bing Scarlet6 Cell
BegoniaAnnualsMy Special Angel4.5", HB
BegoniaAnnualsNonstop Mix4.5"
BegoniaAnnualsNonstop Red4.5"
BegoniaAnnualsSan Francisco4.5", HB
BegoniaAnnualsUnbelievable First KissHB
BegoniaAnnualsUnbelievable Lucky StrikeHB
Begonia - ElatiorAnnualsBerseba8"
Begonia - ElatiorAnnualsBlitz8"
Begonia - ElatiorAnnualsEva8"
Begonia - ElatiorAnnualsPolly8"
Begonia - ElatiorAnnualsRed Baron8"
Begonia - ElatiorAnnualsRio8"
BracteanthaAnnualsMohave Yellow4.5"
BrugmansiaAnnualsSuaveolens Peach8"
CaladiumAnnualsBrandywine4.5", 8"
CaladiumAnnualsWhite Queen4.5", 8"
CalendulaAnnualsBon Bon Mix6 Cell
CalibrachoaAnnualsCallie Bright RedHB
CalibrachoaAnnualsCallie Deep YellowHB
CalibrachoaAnnualsCallie PurpleHB, 4.5"
CalibrachoaAnnualsCallie RoseHB
CalibrachoaAnnualsChameleon Cherry BananaHB
CalibrachoaAnnualsChameleon Sunshine BerryHB
CalibrachoaAnnualsMinifamous OrangeHB
CalibrachoaAnnualsMinifamous VampireHB, 4.5"
CallibrachoaAnnualsCrave Strawberry Star4.5"
Castor BeanAnnualsCarmencita Red1 Qt.
Castor BeanAnnualsZanzibarensis1 Qt.
Cathedral VineAnnualsCobaea scadens4.5", #300
CelosiaAnnualsArrabona Red6 Cell
CelosiaAnnualsCramer's Burgundy6 Cell
CelosiaAnnualsFresh Look Gold6 Cell
CelosiaAnnualsFresh Look Red6 Cell
CelosiaAnnualsFresh Look Yellow6 Cell
CelosiaAnnualsNew Look6 Cell
CelosiaAnnualsPampas Plume6 Cell
CelosiaAnnualsSunday Mix6 Cell
CelosiaAnnualsTornado Red6 Cells
Celosia AnnualsDracula6 Cell
CinerariaAnnualsCharming Mix6"
CinerariaAnnualsVenezia Mix4.5"
CleomeAnnualsClio4.5", 8"
CleomeAnnualsQueen Mix6 Cells
ClerodendronAnnualsBleeding Heart Vine4.5"
Coleus AnnualsWizard Pastel6 Cell
Coleus AnnualsWizard Mix Select6 Cell
CoprosmaAnnualsEvening Glow4.5"
CoprosmaAnnualsPink Splendor4.5"
CordylineAnnualsBlack Knight4.5"
CosmosAnnualsBright Lights Mix6 Cell
CosmosAnnualsSea Shells Mix6 Cell
CosmosAnnualsSensation Mix6 Cell
CosmosAnnualsSonata Carmine6 Cell
CosmosAnnualsSonata Pink6 Cell
CosmosAnnualsSonata White6 Cell
Crossandra AnnualsTropic Flame4.5"
Dahlberg DaisyAnnualsGolden Fleece6 Cell
DahliaAnnualsFigaro Mix6 Cell
DahliaAnnualsFigaro Violet Shades6 Cell
DahliaAnnualsGrand Prix4.5", 8"
DahliaAnnualsTall Mix Dbls. & Singles8"
DahliaAnnualsThomas A. Edison4.5", 8"
DahliaAnnualsXXL Collection8"
DaturaAnnualsBallerina Purple8"
DaturaAnnualsBallerina Yellow8"
DaturaAnnualsBelle Blanche8"
DianthusAnnualsSuper Parfait Crimson Star6 Cell
DianthusAnnualsSuper Parfait Raspberry6 Cell
DianthusAnnualsSuper Parfait Strawberry6 Cell
DiasciaAnnualsSundiascia Rose Pink4.5"
DichondraAnnualsSilver Falls4.5"
Dracaena indivisa AnnualsSpikes3.5"
Dusty MillerAnnualsSilverdust6 Cell
Dusty Miller AnnualsNew Look6 Cell
Dusty Miller AnnualsSilverdust6 Cell
Flowering KaleAnnualsCrane Feather Queen RedCut
Flowering KaleAnnualsNagoya Mix1 Qt., #400
Flowering KaleAnnualsOsaka Mix1 Qt., #400
Flowering KaleAnnualsPeacock Red1 Qt., #400
Four-O-ClocksAnnualsMirabilis jalapa Pink4.5"
FuchsiaAnnualsEruption4.5", HB
FuchsiaAnnualsGartenmeister4.5", 8"
Fuchsia AnnualsBlue EyesHB
Fuchsia AnnualsDark EyesHB
Fuchsia AnnualsSouth GateHB
Fuseables - Multi SpeciesAnnualsHealing Waters6"
GazaniaAnnualsKiss Mix6 Cell
GeraniumAnnualsAmericana Cherry Rose4.5"
GeraniumAnnualsAmericana Violet4.5"
GeraniumAnnualsAmericana White4.5"
GeraniumAnnualsIndian Dunes4.5"
Geranium AnnualsWilhelm Langguth4.5"
Geranium AnnualsAmericana Bright Red4.5"
Geranium AnnualsAmericana Dark Red4.5"
Geranium AnnualsAmericana Pink4.5"
Geranium AnnualsAmericana Rose Mega Splash4.5"
Geranium AnnualsAmericana Salmon4.5"
Geranium AnnualsCalliope Crimson Flame4.5"
Geranium AnnualsCalliope Dark Red4.5", HB
Geranium AnnualsRocky Mountain Dark Red6", 12"
Geranium AnnualsRocky Mountain Salmon6". 12"
Geranium - Martha WashingtonAnnualsElegance Bravo6.5"
Geranium - Martha WashingtonAnnualsElegance Burgundy6.5"
Geranium - Martha WashingtonAnnualsElegance Red Velvet6.5"
Geranium - Martha WashingtonAnnualsElegance Rose Bicolor6.5"
Geranium - ScentedAnnualsAttar of Roses4.5"
Geranium - ScentedAnnualsCitronella4.5"
Geranium - ScentedAnnualsConcolor Lace4.5"
Geranium - ScentedAnnualsLemon4.5"
Geranium - ScentedAnnualsLime4.5"
Geranium - ScentedAnnualsMabel Gray4.5"
Geranium - ScentedAnnualsNutmeg / Apple4.5"
Geranium - ScentedAnnualsOld Fashioned Rose4.5"
Geranium - ScentedAnnualsOrange4.5"
Geranium - ScentedAnnualsPeacock4.5"
Geranium - ScentedAnnualsPeppermint4.5"
Geranium - ScentedAnnualsPink Capitatum4.5"
Geranium - ScentedAnnualsRoger's Lemon4.5"
Geranium - ScentedAnnualsVariegated Nutmeg4.5"
Geranium - ScentedAnnualsVariegated Rose Mint4.5"
German IvyAnnualsGreen3.5"
GomphrenaAnnualsGnome Purple6 Cell
GomphrenaAnnualsPing Pong Purple
GomphrenaAnnualsQIS Purple6 Cell
GomphrenaAnnualsQIS Red6 Cell
Grass AnnualsBasket Grass4.5"
Grass AnnualsSt. Augustine's4.5"
Grass - CarexAnnualsBronco1 Qt.
Grass - CarexAnnualsRed Rooster1 Qt.
Grass - MilletAnnualsPurple Majesty8"
Grass - PennisetumAnnualsRubrum1 Qt.
Grass - StipaAnnualsPony Tails1 Qt.
HelichrysumAnnualsLemon Licorice4.5"
HelichrysumAnnualsthianschanicum Icicles4.5"
HeliotropeAnnualsFragrant Delight4.5"
HibiscusAnnualsMahogany Splendor1 Qt.
HypoestesAnnualsSplash Pink6 Cell, 4.5"
HypoestesAnnualsSplash Red6 Cell, 4.5"
HypoestesAnnualsSplash White6 Cell, 4.5"
ImpatiensAnnualsImpreza Blue Pearl 6 Cell
ImpatiensAnnualsImpreza Cherry Splash6 Cell
ImpatiensAnnualsImpreza Pink6 Cell
ImpatiensAnnualsImpreza Violet6 Cell
ImpatiensAnnualsImpreze White6 Cell
Impatiens - DoubleAnnualsRosebud PinkHB
Impatiens - DoubleAnnualsRosebud Purple MagicHB
Impatiens - DoubleAnnualsRosebud Strawberries & CreamHB
Impatiens - New GuineaAnnualsMagnum Blue4.5"
Impatiens - New GuineaAnnualsMagnum Clear White4.5"
Impatiens - New GuineaAnnualsMagnum Lavender Splash4.5"
Impatiens - New GuineaAnnualsMagnum Red Flame4.5"
Impatiens - New GuineaAnnualsMagnum White Blush4.5"
Impatiens - New GuineaAnnualsSonic Deep Purple4.5"
Impatiens - New GuineaAnnualsSonic Light Lavender4.5"
Impatiens - New GuineaAnnualsSonic Magic Pink4.5"
Impatiens - New GuineaAnnualsSonic Orange4.5"
Impatiens - New GuineaAnnualsSonic Red4.5"
Impatiens - New GuineaAnnualsSonic Salmon4.5"
Impatiens - New GuineaAnnualsSonic Sweet Purple4.5"
Impatiens - Sun TolerantAnnualsSunpatiens Spreading Lavender4.5"
Impatiens - Sun TolerantAnnualsSunpatiens Spreading Shell Pink4.5"
IpomoeaAnnualsSidekick Bronze4.5"
IpomoeaAnnualsSidekick Lime4.5"
IresineAnnualsPurple Lady4.5"
Kwik KomboAnnualsNight In Pompeii6", HB
Kwik KomboAnnualsPlum-Tastic6", HB
LantanaAnnualsBandana Cherry4.5", 8"
LantanaAnnualsBandana Peach4.5", 8"
LobeliaAnnualsHot Brilliant Blue4.5"
LobeliaAnnualsTechno BlueHB
Lobelia AnnualsRiviera Blue Sky6 Cell
Lobelia AnnualsRiviera Midnight Blue6 Cell
LobulariaAnnualsWhite SteamHB
LysimachiaAnnualsnummularia 'Goldie'4.5"
MarigoldAnnualsCrackerjack Mix6 Cell
MarigoldAnnualsDurango Flame6 cells
MarigoldAnnualsDurango Gold6 Cell
MarigoldAnnualsDurango Tangerine6 Cell
MarigoldAnnualsDurango Yellow6 Cell
MarigoldAnnualsFireball6 Cell
MarigoldAnnualsInca II Gold6 Cell
MarigoldAnnualsInca II Orange6 Cells
MarigoldAnnualsInca II Yellow6 Cell
MarigoldAnnualsLunacy Orange6 Cell
MarigoldAnnualsPetite Mixed Colors6 Cell
MarigoldAnnualsPetite Yellow6 Cell
MarigoldAnnualsSafari Red6 Cell
MarigoldAnnualsSafari Yellow6 Cells
MarigoldAnnualsStrawberry Blonde6 Cell
Marigold AnnualsCracker Joe Orange6 Cell
MelampodiumAnnualsMillion Gold6 Cell
Mimosa pudicaAnnualsSensitive Plant4.5"
Mina Annualslobata Jungle Queen4.5"
Morning GloryAnnualsEvening Glory (White)4.5"
Morning GloryAnnualsGiant Mix4.5"
Morning GloryAnnualsPresident Tyler6 Cell, 4.5"
Morning Glory AnnualsHeavenly Blue6 Cell, 4.5"
NasturtiumAnnualsTip Top Alaska Mix4.5"
NasturtiumAnnualsWhirlybird Mix4.5"
Nemesia AnnualsSeventh Heaven Mix4.5"
Nemesia AnnualsSundrops Mix4.5"
NicotianaAnnualsSaratoga Rose6 Cell
NicotianaAnnualsStarmaker Appleblossom6 Cells
NicotianaAnnualsStarmaker Bright Red6 Cell
NicotianaAnnualsStarmaker Lime6 Cell
NicotianaAnnualsStarmaker White6 Cell
NierembergiaAnnualsRobe Purple6 Cells
OsteospermumAnnualsFlower Power Dark Purple 4.5", 8"
OsteospermumAnnualsSummertime Pink Charme4.5", 8"
OxalisAnnualsAllure Silver4.5"
PachystachysAnnualslutea Golden Shrimp4.5"
PansyAnnualsCool Wave Golden Yellow4.5", HB
PansyAnnualsCool Wave Morpho4.5", HB
PansyAnnualsCool Wave Purple Improved4.5", HB
PansyAnnualsSpring Matrix Blue Blotch6 Cell
PansyAnnualsSpring Matrix Daffodil Mix6 Cell
PansyAnnualsSpring Matrix Pink Shades6 Cell
PansyAnnualsSpring Matrix Tricolor Mix6 Cell
PansyAnnualsSpring Matrix Yellow Blotch6 Cell
PassifloraAnnualsBlue Bahama4.5", HB
PentasAnnualsHoney Cluster Red4.5". 8"
Pepper - OrnamentalAnnualsChilly Chili4.5"
Pepper - OrnamentalAnnualsMedusa4.5"
Pepper - OrnamentalAnnualsSangria4.5"
Pepper - OrnamentalAnnualsVariegata4.5", 6 Cells
Peristophe Annualsvariegata Marble Leaf4.5"
PetchoaAnnualsHeadliner Raspberry StarHB
PetuniaAnnualsCascadias Indian Summer4.5", HB
PetuniaAnnualsColorworks Violet Star4.5", HB
PetuniaAnnualsCrazytunia Hells Fruit Punch4.5", HB
PetuniaAnnualsDebonair Dusty Rose6 Cell
PetuniaAnnualsEasy Wave Burgundy VelourWave 6 Cell
PetuniaAnnualsEasy Wave Pink PassionWave 6 Cell
PetuniaAnnualsEasy Wave RedWave 6 Cell
PetuniaAnnualsEasy Wave WhiteWave 6 Cell
PetuniaAnnualsEasy Wave YellowWave 6 Cell
PetuniaAnnualsNight Sky4.5", HB
PetuniaAnnualsPretty Flora Midnight6 Cell
PetuniaAnnualsPretty Flora Pink6 Cell
PetuniaAnnualsPretty Flora Purple6 Cell
PetuniaAnnualsPretty Flora Red6 Cell
PetuniaAnnualsPretty Flora White6 Cell
PetuniaAnnualsPurple Majesty4.5", HB
PetuniaAnnualsShock Wave Coral CrushWave 6 Cell
PetuniaAnnualsShock Wave DenimWave 6 Cell
PetuniaAnnualsShock Wave Pink VeinWave 6 Cell
PetuniaAnnualsTidal Wave PurpleWave 6 Cell
PetuniaAnnualsTidal Wave Red VelourWave 6 Cell
PetuniaAnnualsTidal Wave SilverWave 6 Cell
PetuniaAnnualsWave BlueWave 6 Cell
PetuniaAnnualsWave Purple ClassicWave 6 Cell
Petunia AnnualsSurfinia Blue VeinedHB
Petunia AnnualsSurfinia HeartbeatHB
Petunia AnnualsSurfinia Purple MajestyHB
Petunia AnnualsSurfinia Rose VeinedHB
Petunia AnnualsSurfinia Trailing WhiteHB
PhloxAnnualsdrummondi Mix6 Cell
PlectranthusAnnualscoleoides Var. Swedish Ivy4.5"
PlectranthusAnnualsSilver Shield4.5"
PlectranthusAnnualsVariegated Cuban Oregano4.5"
PlectranthusAnnualsWhite Edge4.5"
PlumbagoAnnualsImperial Blue4.5"
PoppyAnnualsCalifornia Mix6 Cell
PortulacaAnnualsHappy Hour Fuchsia6 Cell
PortulacaAnnualsHappy Hour Tropical Mix6 Cell
Portulaca AnnualsHappy Hour Banana6 Cell
Portulaca AnnualsHappy Hour Peppermint6 Cell
PseuderanthemumAnnualsatropurpureum 'Rubrum'4.5"
PseuderanthemumAnnualslaxiflorum Amethyst Stars4.5"
PurslaneAnnualsFairytales Cinderella4.5", HB
PurslaneAnnualsSamba Hot Rose4.5", HB
PurslaneAnnualsSamba Pink Bicolor4.5", HB
Ribbon PlantAnnualsCentipede Plant4.5"
RudbeckiaAnnualsIndian Summer1 Qt., 8"
RudbeckiaAnnualsIrish Eyes1 Qt., 8"
RudbeckiaAnnualsTiger Eye Gold4.5", 8"
RudbeckiaAnnualsToto Mix1 Qt., 8"
RuelliaAnnualsSouthern Star Pink4.5"
RumexAnnualsRaspberry DressingFiber
SalviaAnnualsLighthouse Red4.5"
SalviaAnnualsReddy Purple6 Cell
SalviaAnnualsSallyfun Blue Emotion8", 4.5"
SalviaAnnualsSummer Jewel Red6 Cell
SalviaAnnualsSummer Jewels Pink6 Cell
SalviaAnnualsVictoria Blue6 Cell
SalviaAnnualsVista Red6 Cell
Salvia AnnualsSummer Jewel Lavender6 Cell
Salvia AnnualsSummer Jewel Pink6 Cell
SancheziaAnnualsnobilis Ellen4.5"
SantolinaAnnualsSilver Lavender Cotton4"
ScaevolaAnnualsSuntastic ImprovedHB
SetcreseaAnnualspallida 'Purple Queen'4.5"
SetcreseaAnnualsPurple Fuzzy4.5"
SetcreseaAnnualsPurple Variegated4.5"
Shrimp PlantAnnualsRed4.5", 8"
SnapdragonAnnualsSnapshot Sunset6 Cell
SnapdragonAnnualsSpeedy Sonnet Crimson6 Cell, 8"
SnapdragonAnnualsSpeedy Sonnet Rose6 Cell, 8"
SnapdragonAnnualsSpeedy Sonnet Yellow6 Cell, 8"
Snapdragon AnnualsMagic Carpet6 Cell
StaticeAnnualsQIS Purple6 Cell
Stock AnnualsHot Cakes Formula Mix8"
Stock AnnualsHot Cakes Purple8"
StreptocarpusAnnualsCape Cool Mix4"
SunflowerAnnualsMiss Sunshine8"
SunflowerAnnualsTeddy Bear8"
Sweet PeasAnnualsRoyal Mix4.5"
TalinumAnnualsLimon6 Cell
TecomaAnnualsMayan Gold4.5"
ThunbergiaAnnualsSunny Susie Red Orange#300 trellis
TithoniaAnnualsMexican Sunflower6 Cell
ToreniaAnnualsKauai Blue & White6 Cell
ToreniaAnnualsKauai Mix6 Cell
Torenia AnnualsPurple MoonHB
Trixi LinerAnnualsLollipop CalibrachoaHB
Trixi Liner AnnualsGold & Bold CalibrachoaHB
VerbenaAnnualsLanai Early Dark RedHB
VerbenaAnnualsLanai Royal Purple with Eye4.5"
VerbenaAnnualsLanai Twister PinkHB
Verbena AnnualsQuartz Mix6 Cell
Verbena AnnualsQuartz Pink6 Cell
VincaAnnualsTitan Icy Pink6 Cell
VincaAnnualsTitan Lilac6 Cell
VincaAnnualsTitan Rose6 Cell
Vinca VineAnnualsmaculata3.5"
Vinca VineAnnualsVariegated3.5"
ViolaAnnualsSorbet Antique Shades6 Cell
ViolaAnnualsSorbet Blue Blotch6 Cell
ViolaAnnualsSorbet Delft Blue6 Cell
ViolaAnnualsSorbet Morpho6 Cell
ViolaAnnualsSorbet XP Blue Blotch6 Cell
ViolaAnnualsSorbet XP Raspberry6 Cell
ViolaAnnualsSorbet XP Yellow Blotch6 Cell
ViolaAnnualsSorbet Yellow Blotch6 Cell
ViolaAnnualsTiger Eye Red6 Cell
Wandering JewAnnualsPurple4.5"
ZinniaAnnualsBenary's Giant MixCut, 6 Cell
ZinniaAnnualsCalifornia Giant Mix6 Cell
ZinniaAnnualsCut & Come Again Mix6 Cell
ZinniaAnnualsMagellan Cherry6 Cell, 8"
ZinniaAnnualsMagellan Salmon6 Cell, 8"
ZinniaAnnualsMagellan Yellow6 Cell
ZinniaAnnualsProfusion Apricot6 Cell, 8"
ZinniaAnnualsProfusion Cherry6 Cell, 8"
ZinniaAnnualsProfusion Mix6 Cell
ZinniaAnnualsProfusion Orange6 Cell, 8"
ZinniaAnnualsProfusion Yellow6 Cell, 8"
ZinniaAnnualsQueen Red Lime8"
ZinniaAnnualsState Fair Mix6 Cell
ZinniaAnnualsZahara Rose Starlight6 Cell, 8"
ZinniaAnnualsZahara Sunburst6 Cell, 8"
ZinniaAnnualsZowie Yellow Flame6 Cell, 8"
2017 inventory availability is weather dependent. Most items are usually in stock and ready by April 15th.
Apple Herbs and Edibles'Macoun' SM-7 Rootstock#7
Apple Herbs and Edibles'McIntosh' SM-7 Rootstock#7
Apple Herbs and Edibles'Red Cameo'5 Gal.
Apricot Herbs and Edibles'Debbie's Gold'#7
ArtichokeHerbs and EdiblesImperial Star4" Fiber
ArugulaHerbs and EdiblesMyway4" Fiber
BasilHerbs and EdiblesAfrican Blue4"
BasilHerbs and EdiblesDolce Fresca4"
BasilHerbs and EdiblesDwarf Purple4"
BasilHerbs and EdiblesGenovese 4"
BasilHerbs and EdiblesGreek Columnar4"
BasilHerbs and EdiblesHoly4"
BasilHerbs and EdiblesNapolitano4"
BasilHerbs and EdiblesNufar4"
BasilHerbs and EdiblesPesto Perpetuo4"
BasilHerbs and EdiblesRed Rosie4"
BasilHerbs and EdiblesSiam Queen4"
BasilHerbs and EdiblesSimplyherbs Try Basil4"
BasilHerbs and EdiblesSpicy Globe4"
BeetHerbs and EdiblesBulls Blood6 Cell
Blackberry Herbs and Edibles'Darrow'#1
Blueberry Herbs and Ediblescorymbosum 'Berkeley'#1, #3
Blueberry Herbs and Ediblescorymbosum 'Darrow'#1, #3
Blueberry Herbs and Ediblescorymbosum 'Earliblue'#1, #3
Blueberry Herbs and Ediblescorymbosum 'Jersey'#1, #3
Blueberry Herbs and Ediblescorymbosum 'Northland'#1, #3
Blueberry Herbs and Ediblescorymbosum 'Patriot'#1, #3
Bok ChoyHerbs and EdiblesChinese Cabbage4" Fiber
BorageHerbs and EdiblesOfficial4"
BroccoliHerbs and EdiblesCalabrese4" Fiber
BroccoliHerbs and EdiblesPackman4" Fiber
BroccoliHerbs and EdiblesRaab4" Fiber
Brussel SproutsHerbs and EdiblesJade Cross4" Fiber
Brussels SproutsHerbs and EdiblesLong Island4" Fiber
CabbageHerbs and EdiblesChinese Michihli4" Fiber
CabbageHerbs and EdiblesCopenhagen Market4" Fiber
CabbageHerbs and EdiblesGold Mark4" Fiber
CabbageHerbs and EdiblesRed Acre4" Fiber
CabbageHerbs and EdiblesSavoy Perfection4" Fiber
CatnipHerbs and EdiblesCommon4"
CauliflowerHerbs and EdiblesSnow Crown4" Fiber
CeleryHerbs and EdiblesGiant Pascal4" Fiber
CeleryHerbs and EdiblesPeppermint Stick4" Fiber
Cherry Herbs and Edibles'Lapin'#10
Cherry Herbs and Edibles'Montmorency'#10
Cherry Herbs and Edibles'Sweet Cherry Pie'#5
ChivesHerbs and EdiblesCommon4"
ChivesHerbs and EdiblesGarlic Geisha4"
ChivesHerbs and EdiblesOnion4"
Choi SumHerbs and EdiblesGunsho6 Cell
CilantroHerbs and EdiblesCommon4"
CilantroHerbs and EdiblesSanto4"
CucumberHerbs and EdiblesBush Pickle4" Fiber
CucumberHerbs and EdiblesMarketmore 764" Fiber
CucumberHerbs and EdiblesStraight Eight4" Fiber
CucumberHerbs and EdiblesWisconsin SMR 584" Fiber
Cucumber Herbs and EdiblesArmenian4" Fiber
Cucumber Herbs and EdiblesFanfare4" Fiber
Cucumber Herbs and EdiblesStraight Eight4" Fiber
DillHerbs and EdiblesBouquet4"
EggplantHerbs and EdiblesBlack Beauty4" Fiber
EggplantHerbs and EdiblesLittle Fingers4" Fiber
EggplantHerbs and EdiblesRosa Bianca4" Fiber
EggplantHerbs and EdiblesRosa Bianca4" Fiber
Egyptian OnionHerbs and Ediblesx proliferum1 Qt.
EucalyptusHerbs and EdiblesSilverdrop4"
FennelHerbs and EdiblesBronze4"
FennelHerbs and EdiblesFinocchio4"
Garlic - Hard NeckHerbs and Edibles'German Hardy'6 Cell
Geranium - ScentedHerbs and EdiblesAttar of Roses4.5"
Geranium - ScentedHerbs and EdiblesCitronella4.5"
Geranium - ScentedHerbs and EdiblesConcolor Lace4.5"
Geranium - ScentedHerbs and EdiblesLemon4.5"
Geranium - ScentedHerbs and EdiblesLime4.5"
Geranium - ScentedHerbs and EdiblesMabel Gray4.5"
Geranium - ScentedHerbs and EdiblesNutmeg / Apple4.5"
Geranium - ScentedHerbs and EdiblesOld Fashioned Rose4.5"
Geranium - ScentedHerbs and EdiblesOrange4.5"
Geranium - ScentedHerbs and EdiblesPeacock4.5"
Geranium - ScentedHerbs and EdiblesPeppermint4.5"
Geranium - ScentedHerbs and EdiblesPink Capitatum4.5"
Geranium - ScentedHerbs and EdiblesRoger's Lemon4.5"
Geranium - ScentedHerbs and EdiblesVariegated Nutmeg4.5"
Geranium - ScentedHerbs and EdiblesVariegated Rose Mint4.5"
GourdHerbs and EdiblesBirdouse4" Fiber
GourdHerbs and EdiblesOrnamental Small Variety Mix4" Fiber
Grape Herbs and Edibles'Concord Seedless'#2
Grape Herbs and Edibles'Reliance Seedless'#2
Hazelnut Herbs and EdiblesAmerican#2
Hops Herbs and Edibleslupulus 'Nugget'#2
HorseradishHerbs and Ediblesrusticiana#1
Husk CherryHerbs and EdiblesGoldie4" Fiber
KaleHerbs and EdiblesDinosaur4" Fiber
KaleHerbs and EdiblesNancy's Baby Leaf Blend4" Fiber
KaleHerbs and EdiblesPrizm4" Fiber
KaleHerbs and EdiblesScarletbor4" Fiber
KohlrabiHerbs and EdiblesWinner4" Fiber
LavenderHerbs and Ediblesangustifolia 'Essence Purple'#1
LavenderHerbs and Ediblesangustifolia 'Hidcote'#1
LavenderHerbs and Ediblesangustifolia 'Munstead'#1
LavenderHerbs and Ediblesangustifolium1 Qt.
Lavender Herbs and Ediblesangustifolia 'Ellagance Purple'#1
Leek Herbs and EdiblesAmerican Flag4" Fiber
Lemon BalmHerbs and EdiblesCommon4"
Lemon GrassHerbs and EdiblesEast Indian4"
Lemon VerbanaHerbs and EdiblesCommon4"
LettuceHerbs and EdiblesBlack Seeded Simpson4" Fiber
LettuceHerbs and EdiblesButtercrunch4" Fiber
LettuceHerbs and EdiblesHart's Special Mix4" Fiber
LettuceHerbs and EdiblesMerveille Des Quatre Seasons4" Fiber
LettuceHerbs and EdiblesMesclun4" Fiber
LettuceHerbs and EdiblesOak Leaf4" Fiber
LettuceHerbs and EdiblesRed Oak Leaf4" Fiber
LettuceHerbs and EdiblesRed Romaine4" Fiber
LettuceHerbs and EdiblesRomaine4" Fiber
LettuceHerbs and EdiblesSimply Salad Mix Alfresco4" Fiber
LettuceHerbs and EdiblesSimpson Elite4" Fiber
MarjoramHerbs and EdiblesGold Tip4"
Marjoram Herbs and EdiblesSweet 4"
MelonHerbs and EdiblesDelicious4" Fiber
MelonHerbs and EdiblesSarah's Choice4" Fiber
MelonHerbs and EdiblesSun Jewel4" Fiber
MintHerbs and EdiblesBerries & Cream4"
MintHerbs and EdiblesChocolate4"
MintHerbs and EdiblesCurly4"
MintHerbs and EdiblesGinger4"
MintHerbs and EdiblesKentucky Colonel4"
MintHerbs and EdiblesMini Mint (Corsican)4"
MintHerbs and EdiblesMojito4"
MintHerbs and EdiblesPeppermint4"
MintHerbs and EdiblesSpearmint4"
MintHerbs and EdiblesVariegated Pineapple4"
OnionHerbs and EdiblesIshikura Bunching4" Fiber
OnionHerbs and EdiblesRed Baron Bunching4" Fiber
Onion Herbs and EdiblesCabernet4" Fiber
OreganoHerbs and EdiblesCleopatra4"
OreganoHerbs and EdiblesCompactum4"
OreganoHerbs and EdiblesGolden4"
OreganoHerbs and EdiblesGreek4"
OreganoHerbs and EdiblesHot & Spicy4"
OreganoHerbs and EdiblesVariegated 4"
Pak ChoiHerbs and EdiblesToy Choy4" Fiber
PatchouliHerbs and EdiblesCommon4"
Peach Herbs and Edibles'Bailey Hardy'#7
Peach Herbs and Edibles'Redhaven'#7
Peach Herbs and Edibles'Reliance'#7
Pear Herbs and Edibles'Bartlett' S-333 Rootstock#7
Pear Herbs and Edibles'Bosc' S-333 Rootstock#7
Pear - AsianHerbs and Edibles'Tawara' S-333 Rootstock#5
PennyroyalHerbs and EdiblesEnglish4"
PepperHerbs and EdiblesMexican Chili4" Fiber
Pepper - HotHerbs and EdiblesAnaheim4" Fiber
Pepper - HotHerbs and EdiblesBhut Jolokia (Ghost)4" Fiber
Pepper - HotHerbs and EdiblesCayenne Long Thin4" Fiber
Pepper - HotHerbs and EdiblesEarly Jalapeno4" Fiber
Pepper - HotHerbs and EdiblesGreek Golden Pepperoncini4" Fiber
Pepper - HotHerbs and EdiblesHabanero4" Fiber
Pepper - HotHerbs and EdiblesSerrano Chili4" Fiber
Pepper - HotHerbs and EdiblesThai - Tiny4" Fiber
Pepper - HotHerbs and EdiblesThai Hot Culinary4" Fiber
Pepper - HotHerbs and EdiblesTiburon4" Fiber
Pepper - HotHerbs and EdiblesTobago Seasoning4" Fiber
Pepper - SweetHerbs and EdiblesCalifornia Wonder4" Fiber
Pepper - SweetHerbs and EdiblesCarmen4" Fiber
Pepper - SweetHerbs and EdiblesCarmen4" Fiber
Pepper - SweetHerbs and EdiblesCubanelle4" Fiber
Pepper - SweetHerbs and EdiblesGolden California Wonder4" Fiber
Pepper - SweetHerbs and EdiblesMama Mia Giallo4" Fiber
Pepper - SweetHerbs and EdiblesPretty N Sweet4" Fiber
Pepper - SweetHerbs and EdiblesPurple Beauty4" Fiber
Pepper - SweetHerbs and EdiblesSweet Banana4" Fiber
Pepper - SweetHerbs and EdiblesZarco4" Fiber
PerillaHerbs and EdiblesNankinensis4.5"
Plum Herbs and Edibles'Mount Royal'#7
PumpkinHerbs and EdiblesConnecticut Field4" Fiber
PumpkinHerbs and EdiblesHowden4" Fiber
PumpkinHerbs and EdiblesJack Be Little4" Fiber
PumpkinHerbs and EdiblesSmall Sugar Pie4" Fiber
QuinoaHerbs and EdiblesBrilliant Rainbow Mix4" Fiber
Raddichio Herbs and EdiblesRed Chicory Rouge de Verona4" Fiber
Raspberry Herbs and Edibles'Caroline'#1
Raspberry Herbs and Ediblesidaeus 'Heritage'#1
RhubarbHerbs and Edibles'Victoria'#1
RosemaryHerbs and EdiblesBarbeque4"
RosemaryHerbs and EdiblesCommon4"
RosemaryHerbs and Ediblesofficionalis 4"
RosemaryHerbs and EdiblesSpice Island4"
RosemaryHerbs and EdiblesTuscan Blue4"
SageHerbs and EdiblesBerggarten4"
SageHerbs and EdiblesCommon4"
SageHerbs and EdiblesGolden4"
SageHerbs and EdiblesHoney Melon4"
SageHerbs and Ediblesofficionalis4"
SageHerbs and EdiblesPurple4"
SageHerbs and EdiblesTricolor4"
SavoryHerbs and EdiblesSummer4.5"
SpinachHerbs and EdiblesKookaburra4" Fiber
Spinach Herbs and EdiblesBloomsdale 4" Fiber
Spinach Herbs and EdiblesNew Zealand4" Fiber
SquashHerbs and EdiblesWinter Sweet4" Fiber
Squash - AcornHerbs and EdiblesHoney Bear4" Fiber
Squash - AcornHerbs and EdiblesTable King4" Fiber
Squash - ButternutHerbs and EdiblesButternut Waltham4" Fiber
Squash - PattypanHerbs and EdiblesFlying Saucer4" Fiber
Squash - SpaghettiHerbs and EdiblesSpaghetti4" Fiber
Squash - SummerHerbs and EdiblesEarly Prolific Straightneck4" Fiber
Squash - SummerHerbs and EdiblesEarly Summer Crookneck4" Fiber
Squash - SummerHerbs and EdiblesYellow Straight Neck4" Fiber
Squash - WinterHerbs and EdiblesBlue Hubbard4" Fiber
Squash - WinterHerbs and EdiblesBush Delicata4" Fiber
Squash - WinterHerbs and EdiblesButtercup4" Fiber
Squash - WinterHerbs and EdiblesDelicata4" Fiber
Squash - WinterHerbs and EdiblesRed Kuri4" Fiber
Squash - ZucchiniHerbs and EdiblesBall's Zucchini4" Fiber
Squash - ZucchiniHerbs and EdiblesDark Green Zucchini4" Fiber
Squash - ZucchiniHerbs and EdiblesRound Zucchini4" Fiber
SteviaHerbs and EdiblesSweet Leaf4"
StrawberryHerbs and Edibles'Allstar'6 Cell
Sweet Potato Herbs and EdiblesBeauregard4" Fiber
Swiss ChardHerbs and EdiblesBright Lights4" Fiber
Swiss ChardHerbs and EdiblesLucullus Dark Green4" Fiber
TarragonHerbs and EdiblesFrench4"
TarragonHerbs and EdiblesFrench4"
ThymeHerbs and EdiblesArcher's Gold4"
ThymeHerbs and EdiblesDoone Valley4"
ThymeHerbs and EdiblesFrench4"
ThymeHerbs and EdiblesSilver Edge4"
Thyme Herbs and EdiblesMother of Thyme1 Qt.
Thyme Herbs and Ediblespraecox 'Red Creeping'1 Qt.
Thyme Herbs and Ediblesserphyllum 'Elfin'1 Qt.
Thyme Herbs and EdiblesWooly1 Qt.
TomatilloHerbs and EdiblesGrande Rio Verde4" Fiber
TomatoHerbs and EdiblesBeefsteak4" Fiber
TomatoHerbs and EdiblesBest Boy4" Fiber
TomatoHerbs and EdiblesBlack Krim4" Fiber
TomatoHerbs and EdiblesBrandywine Pink4" Fiber
TomatoHerbs and EdiblesBrandywine Red4" Fiber
TomatoHerbs and EdiblesCelebrity4" Fiber
TomatoHerbs and EdiblesCherokee Purple4" Fiber
TomatoHerbs and EdiblesContainer Choice4" Fiber
TomatoHerbs and EdiblesEarly Choice4" Fiber
TomatoHerbs and EdiblesEarly Girl4" Fiber
TomatoHerbs and EdiblesFantastico4" Fiber
TomatoHerbs and EdiblesGardener's Choice Beefsteak4" Fiber
TomatoHerbs and EdiblesGranadero4" Fiber
TomatoHerbs and EdiblesJet Star4" Fiber
TomatoHerbs and EdiblesJuliet4" Fiber
TomatoHerbs and EdiblesLemon Boy4" Fiber
TomatoHerbs and EdiblesMarglobe4" Fiber
TomatoHerbs and EdiblesMargo4" Fiber
TomatoHerbs and EdiblesMortgage Lifter4" Fiber
TomatoHerbs and EdiblesPatio4" Fiber
TomatoHerbs and EdiblesPineapple4" Fiber
TomatoHerbs and EdiblesPink Bumblebee4" Fiber
TomatoHerbs and EdiblesRoma4" Fiber
TomatoHerbs and EdiblesSupersweet 1004" Fiber
TomatoHerbs and EdiblesSweet Baby Girl4" Fiber
TomatoHerbs and EdiblesTumbler4" Fiber
TomatoHerbs and EdiblesYellow Pear4" Fiber
Tomato Herbs and EdiblesSan Marzano4" Fiber
Tomato Herbs and EdiblesSugargloss4" Fiber
Tomato Herbs and EdiblesSunsugar4" Fiber
Tomato Herbs and EdiblesTumbler4" Fiber
Tomato Herbs and EdiblesValencia4" Fiber
Walnut Herbs and EdiblesNorthern Prizze Grafted#7
WatermelonHerbs and EdiblesSugar Baby4" Fiber