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Gardens truly are the product of winter dreams. Now your dreams are closer to reality with Plant Finder by Studley’s!  

Window Shopping

Until Mother Nature graces us with weather warm enough for planting, gardeners learn to be satisfied with window shopping. At Studley’s, we take your dreams a step further by making our inventory available for viewing online.

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With Plant Finder you can browse hundreds of images of the plants we are stocking for the season to find what makes you happy.

Garden Planning

Results for each plant include educational information you can use for planning your garden. You’ll get a quick reference summary of plant attributes along with an in-depth Description, Ornamental Features, Landscape Attributes, and helpful Planting & Growing instructions. A great resource for pre-purchase and after care!

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Source & Pre-Order Plants

Running around or making multiple calls to source plants can put a damper on plans. Life is busy! Whether you’re a landscape pro or home gardener, Plant Finder makes your garden dream a reality!

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From the field or from the comfort of home, you can check our stock to locate the plants you need for your garden plan. Easily find what you need with a Quick Search by every possible attribute, browse by category, or get super specific with the Advanced Search option.

Once you find what you need, just make one call to us to pre-order by phone and we’ll tag and set aside the quantity you need for pick-up or local delivery!

Use the handy Plant Finder Wish List feature to create your shopping list.

Wish List

The Wish List feature is a gardener’s window shopping dream! You no longer need to bookmark web pages or cut out magazine clippings to have your plant shopping list at the ready while on your garden center run to Studley’s!

Plant Finder features an “Add to Wishlist” option to ♥ Save Favorites and the quantity you need. No login is required. As long as you are not viewing in private browser mode and don’t clear your browser, your list will save, and can even be updated, if you change your mind on something. To be on the safe side, we recommend printing or emailing the list to yourself. It’s also a helpful resource to attach to the “Honey Do” list!

Elusive Blue

Blue is the most elusive natural color in the garden and thanks to Classic Blue being named Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2020, it’s become one of the most sought-after colors so far this year. Check out the attached sample Wish List as an example of how we used Plant Finder to show you some of the truest blues in inventory!

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Garden Center Opening

Our Garden Center opening is weather dependent and usually occurs around mid-April. Between now and then, we’ll make available any plants that are appropriate for planting as temps and conditions allow. Some early spring bulbs, annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs are ready.

My Pro Tip:

We’re always happy to help new gardeners get off on the right foot. If you’re ready to try a new garden, visit us with your Wish List and we can tell you if your selections are appropriate for your plans or suggest alternatives for success.

Our pros are always ready to offer expert advice and helpful guidance!

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