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Planting A Butterfly Garden

Planting a butterfly garden is a gift to the environment, yourself and the greater community.

When you select plants that attract and feed butterflies, you not only create a valuable food supply for butterflies that supports the pollination essential to the survival of our ecosystem, but you also create a beautiful garden space for all to enjoy.

Planning A Butterfly Garden

As with any other garden, plan for the amount of space and hours of sunlight that will reach the area. Choose a sunny location, as butterflies need to warm their wings, and the best butterfly friendly plants will require full sun, for at least half the day.

Next, select pollinator plants that butterflies will love! Look for plants and flowers that make feeding easy, such as those with a flat top or tubular flower blossoms. Native plants are always an excellent choice, as these plants and our regional wildlife have come to rely on each other for sustainability.

Finally, choose flowers that bloom in colors butterflies love, such as pink, purple, red, yellow and orange. The perennials in our Garden Center are organized by color to make it easy for shoppers to find plants by color.

Create Your Butterfly Garden Wishlist

Our Plant Finder Tool is an excellent resource for your plant research. No login is required to use this free online tool, where you can search our inventory by plant attributes, to create a Butterfly Garden Plant Wishlist. You can search Plant Finder to window shop from home or while you’re onsite here. You can also save your Wishlist for future reference, when you visit the Garden Center, or email it to us to pre-order your plant selections. We’ll contact you to arrange payment, pick-up or delivery.

As always, our Garden Center pros are ready to help you make the best butterfly garden plant selections!

My Pro Tip:

A family butterfly garden is an excellent teaching opportunity to get young people interested in gardening. From toddlers to teens, kids will enjoy learning about the important pollination work that butterflies do for our environment, and they’ll want to dig in to support the cause!

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Letting kids make their own Butterfly Garden Wishlist will make trips to the garden center like a scavenger hunt, and a little more fun for everyone!

See you at Studley’s!

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