DIY Wedding Flowers

DIY with Studley's

DIY Wedding Flowers

  • Looking for a budget friendly wedding flower solution?
  • Not one to give up creative control entirely?
  • Want to share in this activity with someone special?
  • Simply want to have a hand in creating your own wedding flowers?

Couples choose to create their own wedding bouquets at Studley’s for many reasons!

We offer the option for DIY wedding flowers, where we source all of your flowers via our network of floral wholesale providers to extend quantity discounts on select types of flowers, provide pro guidance, plus the use of our design and storage space. Our DIY Wedding Flowers package includes:

  • Use of Studley’s design space
  • Studley’s Professional Floral Designer on hand to answer questions
  • Use of floral supplies and tools, such as tape, wire, and clippers
  • Storage of flowers in our coolers until your wedding day
  • $125 for the first 2 hours, $50 per hour each additional hour
  • Fresh flowers to be purchased from Studley’s

We recommend scheduling your design session for 2 days prior to your wedding day. Sessions are available after 3pm or after our regular business hours.

Is DIY for You?

  • Do you like unique hands-on experiences?
  • Are you planning 8 or more flower arrangements for your ceremony or reception?
  • Will you have 2+ hours available the week of your wedding?
  • If you answered yes to these questions, then our DIY option is for you! Many of our couples combine the DIY option with our expert design services. Some couples choose to have our designers create the personal flowers and use the DIY option to create their own centerpieces. Some couples choose to create their own personal flowers, but let our designers create the centerpieces and other decor. With the DIY option, the more bulk flowers you buy, the better the discount. Whatever option you choose our design staff guides you to create the wedding you’ve been dreaming of. 


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