Color Your Mood With Flowers

The simple act of giving and receiving flowers is proven to make us happy, but did you know you can use certain colored flowers to invite good vibes that will literally color your mood?

The science of color psychology is the study of hues as a determinant of human behavior and color theory involves the messages colors communicate. As florists, we employ color psychology and color theory to choose flowers that evoke emotion appropriate to an occasion. 

Science has proven that flowers and plants naturally have a positive impact on our well-being, so mother nature makes our job that much easier, but floral design is a planned process; a careful application of forms, styles and color-matching techniques. With more than 90 years of helping our customers to mark the most significant, and sometimes just the ordinary moments in life, we have a fair amount of experience in matching mother nature’s moods to your own.

Emotion Colors Flower Selection

But what about when you choose flowers for yourself or someone else?

We once surveyed our fans about their favorite flowers and how they make floral selections. The answers we got were never about convenience or even monetary value. It was heartwarming to find the answers were all tied to emotions. Every response suggested how certain flowers made people feel, how they chose specific flowers to convey certain feelings to another person, or they mentioned some fond memory association to particular flowers. We love our work!

So, whether you’re treating yourself to flowers as an act of self-care, or giving flowers to someone else to show you care, you can color your mood with flowers! Save our Flower Color Mood Wheel and use it to invite good vibes the next time you choose flowers.

flower color mood wheel

Color Your Mood

We know better than most, that our emotions are nothing to be played around with and you’ll be glad to know that it really all comes back to nature.  We consulted to break it all down for you.

The Warm Colors of reds, oranges, and yellows on the left of the color wheel are evocative of sun and fire. For this reason, choosing flowers in these tones can convey feelings of warmth and comfort, like the sun. We all know that the red rose is the age-old and universal symbol of love and confirms how these colors can also be stimulating to represent passion, like fire.

The Cool Colors of green, blue, indigo, and violet on the right of the color wheel are reminiscent of earth and water, so these hues feel cool or refreshing to invite calm and relaxation. Cool colors are most often associated with health, wisdom, mystery and tranquility.   

As florists, we use the greens of foliage in every arrangement as a neutral. White is always a symbol of peace, innocence, sympathy and new beginnings. We also employ analogous, complementary, monochromatic and triad color combination techniques in floral design for mood.

Send Flowers + Good Vibes!

Our Flourish Collection was created to make it easy to Send Flowers + Good Vibes! 

This collection is filled with emotion-evoking arrangements to match every mood. 

red flower devotion collection

Devotion is defined as, “Love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause.” Our Devotion Collection is comprised of arrangements in hues of reds, pinks and violets as a symbol of love, loyalty and fidelity for another or for yourself as a reminder of your commitment to a personal cause or purpose.

purple blue violet flowers harmony collection





Harmony is defined as, “The quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.” Our Harmony Collection emits love and light in balanced combinations of warm and cool colors to convey warmth and tranquility. When you send them to someone special, you bring positive energy back to you. It’s all part of the Universal Law of Harmony.

yellow orange coral flower inspiration collection




Inspiration is defined as, “The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative” or “A person or thing that inspires.” Our Inspiration Collection is a mix of fiery colored arrangements to motivate yourself or recognize the ordinary people who have done extraordinary things to inspire others.

yellow orange flower vibrancy collection




Vibrancy is defined as, “The state of being full of energy and life.” Our Vibrancy Collection is filled with vibrant colors that nurture, feed, heal, restore, and renew the soul to help someone flourish physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 





No matter what your mood or the feelings you want to convey, mother nature provides. The possibilities are endless and we offer a full palette of floral color, in every season, for every occasion. When you want to say I love you, cheer someone up, bring seasonal spirit to your office or home, send an annual birthday bouquet or when you are planning the wedding of your dreams, as your local florist, we invite you to talk with us and help us learn about the sentiment you want to achieve or set the mood you want to use flowers to create.

Learn more about the Meaning of Flowers.

My Pro Tip

woman with flower bouquet

Take some time to smell the roses. Literally. Life is hard, life is busy and life can be stressful. When you really stop and think about how little time you are able to dedicate to self, I think you will find it is not enough. Giving flowers to yourself is a simple, kind and thoughtful gesture in self-care. Treat yourself to flowers once in a while to invite more of what you need in your life at the moment. Call us with your symptoms, we’ll fill it with mother nature’s prescription!

You can also visit us online or in-store to find what moves you. We always have grab & go bouquets at the ready in the shop, or you can visit Studley’s fresh flower kiosk at Fiddlehead Farms in Somersworth.

Written by Molly Meulenbroek


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